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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


10:44Ari's Ayahuasca Revelation
Ari's Ayahuasca RevelationOgledi 862 tis.Pred dnevom
4:25Ari Shaffir on Tom Segura's Dunk Injury
Ari Shaffir on Tom Segura's Dunk InjuryOgledi 541 tis.Pred dnevom
14:23Shane Gillis Addresses SNL Firing Controversy
15:01Why Are UFO's Being Acknowledged Now?
Why Are UFO's Being Acknowledged Now?Ogledi 2,3 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
4:13Joe on Conor McGregor's Leg Break
Joe on Conor McGregor's Leg BreakOgledi 4 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
1:56Joe on Briefly Meeting Trump at the UFC
Joe on Briefly Meeting Trump at the UFCOgledi 1,6 mio.Pred 15 dnevi
5:29Richard Branson's Space Trip
Richard Branson's Space TripOgledi 554 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
8:49The Impact of Fad Psychology on Journalism
The Impact of Fad Psychology on JournalismOgledi 292 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
3:46Joe on Sha'Carri Richardson's Olympics Ban
Joe on Sha'Carri Richardson's Olympics BanOgledi 947 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
10:31Jakob Dylan on "The Record Business"
Jakob Dylan on "The Record Business"Ogledi 450 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
5:45Jakob Dylan on Meeting Prince
Jakob Dylan on Meeting PrinceOgledi 296 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
4:26Bill Cosby's Conviction Being Overturned
Bill Cosby's Conviction Being OverturnedOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 22 dnevi
11:15ESG's Are the Reason for Woke Corporate Interests
9:59Joe & Tim Dillon Discuss UFO Revelations
Joe & Tim Dillon Discuss UFO RevelationsOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 22 dnevi
5:39Tim Dillon Has Suggestions for The View
Tim Dillon Has Suggestions for The ViewOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 22 dnevi
10:07The Feral Pig Problem in Texas
The Feral Pig Problem in TexasOgledi 1,1 mio.Pred 22 dnevi
6:07Why Chef Jesse Griffiths Takes People Hunting
6:04Quentin Tarantino on Pulp Fiction's Influence
14:59What Started the Cultural Fixation on Gender?
12:47How Don Frye Got Started in the UFC
How Don Frye Got Started in the UFCOgledi 776 tis.Pred mesecem


  • It's funny how you still blame Trump. It was the MEDIA

  • joe is WRONG at 11 min about the light therapy....fuck joe....and dore went along with it....fuk that...do your homework and see that that therapy is real...and he never said add bleach to the blood....

  • Heart problems run in my family, I'm not risking inflaming my heart and potentially dying over a disease I had no symptoms when I had it

  • Dr Robert Malone

  • Oh wait, he really said being a cop ISN’T a dangerous job, “statistically”?!?!?!? What a buffoon.

  • That means it’s working For every person the vaccine kills. That’s 5 less people they could potentially infect. It’s simple maths

  • Surprise: Jimmy Dore is a contrarian on vaccines as well as everything else.

  • Joe "can't say that" Rogan

  • I really enjoyed this episode.

  • Ivermectin was created by a Japanese scientists after discovering the bacteria in the ground. This is the FUNGUS discussion big pharma still don’t want.

  • Their not from anywhere but earth no aliens mate

  • Sandy hook was totally staged. Jones was bullied into saying it didnt just watch that fake dad actor its fucked up

  • Good lord

  • Im fairly healthy and haven chosen to wait it out to get vaccinated and I get so much backlash from anyone who opposes this. I dont even discuss this anymore with anyone.

  • It is wild

  • Amazing how morons everywhere (and I'm not dissing Joe - he admits it) continue to blame Trump for the divisiveness - it was always the legacy media and their Democrat overlords who caused the hysterical ranting. They didn't have to pay attention to Trump's review of experimental therapies (all of which, even the UV light, were based on actual work going on) and they didn't need to start hyperventilating about them - it was all the MSM -Trump never said anything else. Face it Joe, you are a comedian, but you keep using the cheap shot. Why don't you go after the hysterical and dishonest media - there is a treasure trove to mine there.

  • A lot of people’s first reaction to being scared is anger.

  • Joe’s perspective lates out at the end of the video is spot on. Really never considered so many things that way.

  • We need studies on ivermectin before using it on covid patients!! But the new experimental jabs are fine

  • I refuse to get this vaccine. There is just not enough data and too many reports of bad side effects for someone like me that is young and healthy to get it.

  • There's been medication approved by the FDA and then years later those medications get pulled out of shelves for having carcinogen properties. So what does the FDA approval reassure?

  • Is it me, or does she look like Tulsi Gabbard?

  • Long term side effects unknown.

  • I feel like the covid vaccines will be on one of them commercials with lawsuits you see involving medicine in a few years.

  • What China started this tech back in the 40tees or even earlier ??? come on Joe 🤣😂🤣....These things you saw on vids released by the military definitely aren't defying physics but encounters of UAPees are not recent they go back decades & further ...Do you really think any government would release the hard core stuff all they are admitting is there are things in the sky & viewing it as a threat or portraying it as such ....Alien or not they want to justify more military spending as if they don't spend way too much already !!!!

  • Anyone notice he's wearing a 1776 hoodie. Possible red pill or coincidence?

  • Almost biblical ?

  • No it's not true. No mRNA vaccine has ever been approved to be used on people. Plus Moderna has never had a vaccine approved ever before.


  • Yes, there are things out there that happen to share this world with. Leave it to dumbass humans to want and try to mess it up in the name of science. They've done nothing to us so far. Let's not go and screw that up. I would be more worried that its chinese tech than if it was Alien tech. I have learned that human beings in large groups can be very dangerous. Leave it alone peeps

  • 6 days after my first Moderna shot I developed blood clots in my lungs that put me into the hospital for a week. I'm still recovering.

  • Great name.

  • except they are not. its just clickbait for low iq people. there are no UFOs get over it

  • I nearly died from the 2nd moderna shot. Needed 2 epi's to get to the hospital. Lost 50lbs in the 3 months directly after the vaccine and now have stopped producing the enzyme to break down histike in food and amd constantly ill unless I take a bunch of pills and only eat low histime food...

  • should be titled "Joe Rogan helps alpha male find train of thought"

  • For all the good capitalism has done for the world it's situations like this that creates communists who want to burn it all down. Crony capitalism putting profits over peoples health.

  • JFC all this talk of masks, treatments, and jabs is a fucking distraction from the fact that covid has a 99.96% survial rate with mostly the elderly dying. Wake TF up and realize you're being conquered with lies and distractions.

  • "Getting in the car at an 8" that was a great analogy for the USA

  • Are we scared of vaccines do people just hate being controlled

  • How long before SLcd takes this down for going against the narrative...

  • IT'S A COOK BOOK!!!!!!! (it's the s. p. I k e. P r o. t e i n. That's inside every. S h. o. t !!!)

  • Joe’s math sucks. “So 200mg is a 1000mg in a 💉 syringe?” 🤦🏻‍♂️ a slight faux pas by Joe.

  • Joe rogan says he's too dumb to be president but I look at Biden and question reality itself... so I heard we are in some kind of matrix huh? I'd believe it.

  • Spike protiens! =💀 let's finish this conversation in 3yrs and see who's still alive

  • Joe “have you tired 20 minutes in an ice bath?” Rogan

  • If Fauci was not responsible in some way, for the creation of this virus known as Covid-19, why did he lie when he insisted before Congress that he did not ever fund gain of function research in Wuhan, China by trying to change the definition of "gain of function?" Very bizarre.


  • Now they wanna force an experimental vaccine on everyone. The government is fucking corrupt

  • You & you poop on Trump with all your & your's blah blah blah blah blah. Thumbs down.

  • UN statement today... The pandemic is the planets way of warning us..... That should tell you everything you need to know....

  • Big news !!! Me and lots of people I know that had covid had aches and pains, that never went, I was first one to experience a deep abscess undetected, the abscess was irritating major nerves and went undetected. After 50,000 iu of vit d my abscess showed its face in my groin...I had a 10 day antibiotic course and now all is well. When I told everyone I know with same covid symptoms the exact same thing happened. I was lucky mine came out and burst outward rather than inward, but the problem came like others after covid not the vaccine....its the dirty horrible stuff that your body is trying to get rid of

  • joe rogan just another non-vaxer

  • So if Dore wasn't famous he wouldn't have known about brain inflammation. For Joe Public he just stays sick or dies and is told it's all in his head.

  • Literally turned this episode off after Joe argued with Jamie like a douche about the Tom Brady football video being real. I’m sure Jamie knows a thing or 2 about editing but actually anyone with eyeballs can see that video is run of the mill After Effects clickbait BS. Even has the ‘shaky cam’ quick zoom in/out like a Snyder film. A whole production company was behind that video and tagged in Brady’s IG post. Man I love JRE but knowing he gets legitimately fooled by celebrity clickbait TikTok content wtf man

  • Captions: the jurogan experience

  • It was nearly 100 degrees in Austin Texas today


  • I'm trying to hold out until Novavax becomes available. I'm a nusing student in Australia and the pressure from my totaralrian government building. No way in hell am I getting a mRNA vaccine especially after watching Dr Charles Hoffe video on microscopic blood clots and million dieing in 2 years. Novavax seems to be a more traditional vaccine. Still don't trust them but if I'm being forced ill take Novavax.

  • Kinda like we need large studies for other treatments

  • Damn. She travels with a whole group of handlers

  • Dont take this experiment of a vaccine.

  • Joe: we need to have Ivermectin get long term testing before approving it even though there is no evidence it actually harms people. Also Joe: lets continue to use EXPERIMENTAL vaccines like mRNA that has no testing other than us human guinea pigs this past year where there's been countless accounts of horrifying side effects including death.

  • Hate to sound like a broken record but... PEOPLE WHO ARE IN FEAR MODE, are so much easier to control & manipulate- you all know this- NOT saying these craft are ours by any means but our government is filled with opportunists, they are indeed rolling out yet another psy op- half truths and blatant lies, the Worst kind of “ disclosure” imo. Remember what Wehrner von Braun famously said- “first they’ll use terrorists ... then comets and the final threat to top all others- - Alien invasion- “.

  • You ain't seen nothing yet!

  • he explained that trip so bad

  • Blood clots? Brain swelling? Neurological damage, body aches, and micro lacerations? That just means the graphene is working. Here, take some more boosters! Muahahaha!

  • Love the show Joe, but heard this and she is dropping tones that just ring to everyone for props. I believe stuff is going down..just don't believe her. Tone, presentation and to be honest relaxation makes people believe..she just doesn't present this.. outside of 'holt fk Joe.. it's aliens" she said every other view.

  • I feel like vaccine side effects and inert ingredients have been affecting people a lot longer than we even realize, and can reliably attribute them to vaccines. Side effects that never go away or get worse.. really terrible stuff especially when our whole infrastructure of our earth is built around loosely thrown together infrastructure.. not FDA approved damn. it’s because of the Pfizer manufacturing facilities in India having deleterious and disgusting health hazards pertaining to working conditions

  • Joe = sold out. 💰 + 🤫 = Spotify deal.

  • I to this day don't know one person that knows a person that knows a person that knows a person that's died of "covid!"better odds of dying in your car on your commute to work!people are truly brainwashed sheep!

  • I love how most reactions are not only not recorded, but the medical folks keep trying to attribute them to other things...but the issue here is, when anything else is administered, and a reaction occurs, it is recorded...but for some ridiculous reason we aren't doing that with this Vax. It's like...making excuses for an abusive spouse..."no they didn't hit me, I fell down the stairs"

  • What song is joes “everybody’s too high song lol” that’s spot on lol

  • Are they questioning the vaccine 💉? CANCEL THEM…

  • pfizer brings down the house.....kek.

  • They’re turning the frogs gay!!!

  • Surprised SLcd hasn't banned this yet

  • Can you get Kennedy on this please!?!?? Listen to him

  • Dr Kory was begging them to just look into ivermectin...

  • Covid 19 vaccines don't work. If they did, then why did 7 people in El Paso die while FULLY vaccinated. And why did another 49 people in New Jersey die while FULLY vaccinated, all of which died from covid 19. If the vaccines worked as they are saying they do, why do fully vaccinated people still need to wear masks? If it works as well as they claim it does, why are cases still going up? For example, if you have people, 5 are vaccinated 5 aren't, wouldn't the 5 that are vaccinated be safe then? Since vaccines themself work? The covid vaccines do not work.

  • Ivermectin