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1:35The Kid LAROI - SAME ENERGY (Official Audio)
2:13The Kid LAROI - BAD NEWS (Official Audio)
2:33The Kid LAROI - OVER YOU (Official Audio)
2:56The Kid LAROI - MAYBE (Official Video)
The Kid LAROI - MAYBE (Official Video)Ogledi 8 mio.Pred 8 meseci
2:43The Kid LAROI - WITHOUT YOU (Official Audio)
2:16The Kid LAROI - PIKACHU (Official Audio)
The Kid LAROI - PIKACHU (Official Audio)Ogledi 3,3 mio.Pred 8 meseci
2:34The Kid LAROI - ALWAYS DO (Official Audio)
2:09The Kid LAROI - SO DONE (Official Audio)
4:31The Kid LAROI - SELFISH (Official Video)
The Kid LAROI - SELFISH (Official Video)Ogledi 19 mio.Pred 11 meseci
2:09The Kid LAROI - I WISH (Official Video)
The Kid LAROI - I WISH (Official Video)Ogledi 7 mio.Pred 11 meseci


  • wssss

  • 00:15 he moves his feet

  • 😩 oh my

  • You are the best :)

  • Same

  • This would be good if it wasnt for so much autotune in his voice that shit kills it for me

  • Love From Kerala❤️😍

  • Música Incrível Demais,Top 🇧🇷😎🎶👏🏻💯

  • That's crazy 😳 song

  • They sound like the same people! It’s amazing and so is the song! XD >:3

  • I have an unhealthy obsession with this song

  • laroi familyyyy

  • this one------- <3

  • Justin with that military haircut 🔥😂

  • the pain, then you know you're alive Both feet on the line, by any means, I will-

  • Kid sounds like 24k goldn

  • sup 1B

  • Finally a good song that pops up on the radio, not some overplayed TikTok song.

  • Song underrated

  • Broke up with my girlfriend cuz she said Kid Laroi was bad. Not a single regret

  • It’s absolutely amazing to see them actually have fun together while making the whole thing! Incredible Song!!! First time I saw the music video i felt a rush.

  • god!


  • In 2025,my comment will get 70k likes


  • Aye lord pleath

  • Justin Bieber look like 11 🤣

  • Love this song!!!!💓💓💓👏🏾👏🏾

  • I like it’s sick but I now know it’s Really cool

  • This song is everything 😭❤️

  • this vid deserve 100 million views

  • its kinda creepy when u think about it, that justin married a fan

  • Amazing Song !

  • OMG

  • good song!!

  • Justin changed alot I haven't listened to him in a while

  • Am I the only person who is pushing 40 and feels every word that is sung in every one of his songs

  • que temardooo cmtmm

  • The people who disliked need a COVID test 😷

  • naaaaa Lana Rhoades😮😮😮

  • By no means a kid Laroi fan but this song is fucking gas and I’m considering listening to him more🔥🔥🔥

  • their voices are so similar 💯

  • Hey remember your father post Malone


  • Buenardo

  • When I’m away from u I miss your touch ur the reason i believe in love..

  • Amazing

  • This shit good🔥🔥🔥

  • How come laroi looks like a really annoying spoiled rich dhar Mann kid.

  • there's a reason this has 1 mil likes...

  • Bro this hits different late nights flyin down the road with the windows down

  • When he said here I am I swear I heard Roddy

  • Awesome!

  • Its just so fucking catchy 😭

  • He is “so done” with relationships then “I NEED YOU TO STAY”

  • I just noticed that the person who broke in the principal window was lil tjay

  • Shit gave me anxiety

  • The direction of this MV is just lit

  • I don't like his other music much but this one amazing

  • i have listened to this song on repeat to many times😂

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I’m

  • This song is such a banger!!! I'm finna make this a remix rq

  • WHY IS IT ONLY 2 MINUTES!!! this song is too fire to be 2 minutes bro

  • It’s so narcissistic 😭 you’re basically saying every reason a woman shouldn’t be with someone. What??? Are we okay????

  • Such a good collab !!

  • If Bieber could point this direction fully it wouldn’t sound so bad.

  • Who else started vibing to the song? 🎵🔥

  • A million likes and 30 million views. Let's goooo

  • Ima be real until I saw the bears he was wearing I thought it was a hint to juice with the b looking like a 9

  • Defenetly my new favorite by the Kid Laroi, I feel this

  • This song is even better...If Juice is with them

  • Every drop is complete fire. Every song. This kid gone be a goat. Different flows raps and sing his ass off!!

    • can anyone tell me the music type or genre that is being played in the intro?🥺

  • What a banger of a song

  • Beats airpods? Say less

  • I'm addicted😩❤