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0:49Also A Batman Villain | JEOPARDY!
Also A Batman Villain | JEOPARDY!Ogledi 124 tis.Pred dnevom
1:10Category: Women on Stamps | JEOPARDY!
Category: Women on Stamps | JEOPARDY!Ogledi 14 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
2:00Atlanta News Clues Category | JEOPARDY!
Atlanta News Clues Category | JEOPARDY!Ogledi 10 tis.Pred mesecem
0:24Bonus Clue for Neuriva #3 | JEOPARDY!
Bonus Clue for Neuriva #3 | JEOPARDY!Ogledi 2,4 tis.Pred mesecem


  • Gotta have some teenagers on, to answer those questions.

  • "Dennis, go again I guess" ...*finger tapping

  • I really liked the Trebek mustache days. He was more playful. Maybe Aaron is trying to capture that.

  • Kenny Loggins, lord of the 80s

  • Be Well Everyone. Enjoy some pudding...

  • Be Well Everyone. Enjoy some pudding...

  • Be Well Everyone. Enjoy some pudding...

  • These were easy AF.

  • Where is Sean Connery?

  • If any one thinks they don't like this guy, just watch his interviews with Pat McAfee.

  • yo i would do amazing on jeopardy.. if videos games were every topic.

  • Humpty Dumpty is literally a giant cannon. The children's rhyme was originally written about the cannon, and it was that way for centuries. Until a children's book author first drew that egg shaped monstrosity, probably while he was whacked out on opium and absinthe.

  • Ahh man, Alex Trebek was still hosting for these😔. May he R.I.P.

  • I mean I hardly knew some of these

  • They should use game categories more often just to force people to learn about them.

  • It pays to be old, Jim. 😄

  • I think he should stick it to the Packers and host full-time!! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ I mean, why not?? He’s actually good at it!!!

  • Meh... he's got too bored of a tone of voice to be the Jeopardy host. Feel like that would make me doze off. For real compared to Alex Trebec's tone.

  • Where can I watch the full episode for free

  • Finally, a category I know.

  • This dude was my US history teacher at Keller high school in Fort Worth. Very stand up guy and looking back still one of the best teachers I ever had. He actually got students evolved and managed to get the class into actual discussions. I have never felt more envolved and eager to learn something until I stepped into this mans class room.

  • I'm surprised it was Journey. I don't know who released their greatest hits albums last year. I guessed Van Halen, I knew 1984 was a popular album, so that's where I went with this.

  • I liked both Aaron and Ken. Different but pretty equal on my mind so not a consensus.

  • Alexandra tried to stop Osman from running that cartoons category.

  • He would have my vote, intelligent, humorous, best one so far.

  • Idiots. . .

  • I also guessed Brigham Young. Was Brigham Young not at Promontory Point? I read Stephen E. Ambrose's book Nothing Like It In the World. I have to look it up again.

    • Ambrose: "One of the most notable among the missing was Brigham Young, who was in Southern Utah. He sent Bishop John Sharp to represent him."

  • Ken Jennings is the greatest JEOPARDY! Champion of all time. WOW

  • Ken Jennings please....

  • This is hilarious. I was able to answer every question correctly... I normally don't watch Jeopardy since it's so tough, and makes me feel like an idiot!

  • I could do the 80's video game jeopardy. What is Mrs. Pacman Alex. Yes. What is Defender. Yes. What is Mr. Do. Yes. What is Frogger. Yes.

  • The phuck does mid west mean north central united states?

  • I COULD SPEND $ 236,725

  • I'd like to see Aaron take over the show one day. He did such a fantastic job.

  • Just here to say that I hate this guy and no matter how much I watch him host the show I’ll always hate him. He is a phoney.

  • I absolutely vote Aaron to be the new permanent host.

  • Nobody can ever truly replace Trebek, but Rodgers would sure as hell make a worthy successor. Hope the producers very seriously consider giving him the role permanently. I think Trebek would be happy to know that his beloved show would be in good hands.

  • Non-epic gamer moment

  • I got the caddy shack one. I win I win Hey after all of these years I finally got a few jeopardy questions.

  • Great job Aaron!

  • Dennis Miller needs a tryout at hosting the show ....

  • Was a great host hope he comes back

  • I think he could be Permanent host.

  • I still think letterman shouldve been host.

  • Still not as bad as he's missed the Super Bowl for 10 years.

  • I vote for Aaron Rodgers!

  • Best host not named Alex Trebek or Ken Jennings

  • I'm all for Aaron being the next fulltime Jeopardy! play caller. He's been the best guest host so far. Even though more guest hosts are to follow, I'd wager Aaron would be hard to beat when it comes to choosing who will follow in Alex's glorious footsteps these next 3.7 decades. He's the perfect combination of all the qualities that are needed to be the next face of Jeopardy!. Hosting has a lot less screen time exercise than quarterbacking, but Aaron would never have to worry about being sacked - unless he did a really really bad job, and I don't see that happening after watching him the last two weeks. I'm betting Alex has been tuning in and smiling down approvingly while Aaron's been on the 'field'. Class followed by class? We're all winners. ❤️

  • How embarrassing for the Packers front office

  • Gold

  • Who is Sammy Sosa?

  • Mark Kelly could have won haha

  • GOAT

  • he walks around slowly on stage as if he doesn't run like a mad man on Sundays in the fall

  • Jeopardy Game Show. Aaron Rodgers is the perfect👍Host.

  • his voice was too low keyed

  • How many people watched Jeopardy long enough to remember Art Fleming? I think Fleming was by far the best... he was doing Jeopardy when Alex Trebek was hosting “high Rollers” which was a dice-throwing game show with really dumb questions...

  • Fucking aced that shit clearly I can go on this show.

  • That Final Jeopardy was just DIRTY. Ask for 19th century namesake of a university with Utah in the clue and have it be someone other than Brigham Young. Those producers knew what they were doing.

  • ..outstanding by Aaron- Can't root for he and GB on Sundays being here in the AZ, but have a new respect for him and will remember this as he goes about QBing henceforth...

  • "I'll take 'NFC Central Teams who can get to the NFC Championship game but then Choke' for $1000 Aaron! 😨 🏈 😂 📺

  • No no no! Not him!

  • Should be permanent host

  • to be fair like those arent easy questions, i didnt understand the morrowind question at first i said RPGs, but yea i would fail too lol

  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooo

  • <Insert Price is Right Losing Horn Here>

  • I’m 32 and I got them all lol

  • Imagine a show with Aaron as the host, Brady, Peyton, Brees as the contestants 😀 🔥

  • I totally admire him for doing this. He's so different than most football personalities. I'm very curious to see what he does after his career playing football is completed. Given his intellect and knowledge of the fame I wouldn't be surprised if he became a GM, similar to what John Elway has done in Denver. Whatever it is, I'm sure he'll find success. He's talented in a wide variety of ways.

  • Hearing Alex say Morrowind and Fortnite was the most surreal thing I ever heard.

  • Bunch a shmucks wasting their lives reading books

  • FTP

  • Rip Matt LeFleur

  • I’ve never seen a Rodgers have any charisma but he’s actually very good at this.

  • I went from absolutely no idea to "doo doo doo doo thirty whacks" but blanked on the name.

  • He said he wants it, please give it to him.

  • jordan was almost on the right track

  • Tomorrow will be a new guest host: Journalist Anderson Cooper.

  • Lol women had no clue. 🤣🤣. They need a boyfriend