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MAKEUP ARTIST/COSMETICS CREATOR. Singer/song writer. Fashion obsessed.


23:52Addressing The Kanye Situation
Addressing The Kanye SituationOgledi 10 mio.Pred mesecem
46:29Swatching EVERY Liquid Lipstick I’ve EVER Made
22:46Blood Money DRAG Transformation ft. India Ferrah
18:20I’m Really Scared To Admit This.
I’m Really Scared To Admit This.Ogledi 4,6 mio.Pred 3 meseci
24:17I Have Some REALLY Bad News.
I Have Some REALLY Bad News.Ogledi 5 mio.Pred 4 meseci
10:37Doing What's Right
Doing What's RightOgledi 13 mio.Pred 7 meseci
25:24First Date Does My Makeup
First Date Does My MakeupOgledi 9 mio.Pred 8 meseci
29:23Cremated DRAG Transformation ft. Gigi Goode
17:04Meet My 2 NEW Pomeranian Puppies! 🐶
Meet My 2 NEW Pomeranian Puppies! 🐶Ogledi 12 mio.Pred 10 meseci
18:28Reacting To Tik Toks About Me (They Broke In!)
24:54Updated House Tour! Being SINGLE and Quarantined
17:29Never Leaving My House Again...
Never Leaving My House Again...Ogledi 10 mio.Pred 11 meseci


  • Jeffree, please ignore al those hateful Yolanda's. Your make up is bomb and I can't wait until I get the vault tomorrow!

  • Hi umm im from the future i have not won any give away XD

  • Are ppl still watching this pitbull?

  • the idea that it's tacky makes sense, but from looking at it, some ppl want memorable things with jeffree's face (to maybe add to a collection) i'm sure it's not going to be an every time thing but i think it was done well

  • Congratulations on your new dog seems like you really love pet but have have fun❤️ In love your videos by the way

  • Come on Jeffrey it’s the Internet people are becoming smarter than you think a lot smarter than you

  • Everybody knows the truth about you

  • You are the reason why the whole James Charles and TATI thing happened

  • Everybody’s going to find out the truth about you

  • You are a groomer

  • You need to be canceled

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • You are a groomer

  • I hope you enjoy deleting comments even though people can clearly see what I’m writing

  • You are a groomer

  • Go ahead and delete more comments but everybody knows the truth

  • You should be canceled

  • You are a groomer

  • I love him I watch him since I was 11

  • How does he still look fucking fabulous!? Queen looks like Harley Quinn ✨😩❤️

  • Hmmm.. just here for the comments, ain't even watching the vid😂🐽

  • everybody so they know to keep their mouth shut

  • I would love to watch this kind of show heheh

  • *says he knows his shade names* Yet obviously has to look at the shade names..

  • Czy jest na sali psychiatra?

  • Love this one please do a swop

  • Can someone please explain to me what he did (I read everywhere that he is cancelled now bc he did something awful and i‘m not in the business) Thank you :D

  • Ahhhh this hurts my pocket 😂

  • Jeffrey; grab a red bull Me sipping an original monster: 👁👄👁

  • I'm a boy what the fuck m I doing hear

  • How is the foundation? Can anyone let me know. by replying?

  • Jeffree giving oompa loompa with that foundation and mint hair

  • I miss Nathan & you together. I wish you both be together again.

  • I live how he says *hi how are ya* in every single video😅😅😅

  • Jeffree I love you and these people are fake as hell for not telling you that foundation shade is not it. No tea no shade, but hunnyyyyyy please

  • Who else is only looking at his Versace dress?

  • This video is crazy now

  • There’s some weird auto tune sound. Like the robot voice filter on Snapchat. Awful.

  • Did you see vice ganda?

  • We need a new updated video of highlighters, you never fail us Jeffery! You da shit 🥰🥰🥰

  • VCR unit carton? You mean VHS? I mean if they call it “VCR” then hey whatever have fun, but that carton is the shape of an actual VHS tape and not the VCR.

  • calling shit iconic doesnt make it so . That jacket was crap. louis is turned to crap

  • Flaunting ones money is never an admirable attribute! Nothing is forever, better invest in something that will not perish.

  • Jeffree transformed himself with this music and that wavy long wig.

  • Oh man the dark Tented red Misery Lip Very Beautiful

  • You know I'm like the original proof of jeffree love but don't boast about what you can buy or what you bought... stop.. this makes me feel different about you. Like girl... I watch every video I've been there from the MySpace days wishing I could meet you and family wouldn't help me but anyways stop. Be the old jeffree so I can feel I still connect with you....

    • Bruh if I only had a 200k shopping spree I would die. I live in 3 bags and I'm happy and have my dream car but still wtf. Money changed you jeffree.... you are not the same from the 09 MySpace days...

  • There’s one song that fits perfectly with the scandal, it’s crazy rap songs. If yk yk.

  • do you miss nate when you guyes broke up because i miss you guyes bieng together i really [email protected] tiktok!

  • 20:50 ouuuu i didnt kno Shane had a dump truck!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ok ima stop xD

  • I hear u Nate do 5 cakedfloops w for wildrift and speaking of drama no help needed we just waiting p.s. we should discuss me gifting m’jeffree a soraka character hero lol

  • you looked better in meat canyons video

  • Absolutely gorgeous. Tinkerbell fantasy vibes.So fairylike. That's why I purchased this pallette. Love this color on you.

  • Caution: dear jeffree⭐,, the portland poe-poe hauled me into the coo-coo ward on Thursday afternoon.ekgz,,psycho drugz,,,24 hours and 50 abrasions later I wuz released AND my makeup wuz still perfect.i love yew.sincerely yer endlesss fan

  • He is literally releasing makeup products left and right

  • You really look so pretty! I miss your nails!!

  • girl be looking like a oompa Loompa. I don't look any better I look like a lobster in the sun but bruh.

  • Anyone else going to miss his brows? 😞😞😞

  • Uhm- I’m new to he’s channel and I already....... LOVE IT! I was just watching a sister James video and I saw him calab with him and I was like huh? Who in da world is he now I’m on I’m subbed and hello happy new year sis

  • I love this song

  • 11:22 sis- 😳

  • 3:12

  • It looks like shit

  • Can someone PLEASE for the love of God tell me where to get all of the minis to the blood collection pallets? I have asked on every site I can think of (yes even his) and have got NOTHING!!! I am begging for an answer. Or do I have to wait for the anniversary of each pallet? SHIT!!!!!!

  • Ooooh but a whole collection of the zodiacs 😍😍😍 yes??? Please??? I'm talking pallets, lips, highlights, merch, etc for each zodiac

  • "I would look at my brother.......- Let's get shoes!!"

  • He should review the chinese florasis make up brand


  • Jaclyn Hill Part 2.

  • So I’ll be dying my hair this color now. I love it!! 😍😍

  • The issue is that Stormi is allergic to nuts so kylie's isnt even using her own product?

  • whats w the outfit in the thumbnail?? looks like he hand made it... take a break jeffree.

  • Love you ❤️

  • It’s heaven for girls

  • let’s land boss Landon outta caesars post riot again p.s. I’m COVID negative too !!!! *bats feather lashes*