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13:00FLYING CAR in Need for Speed HEAT???
FLYING CAR in Need for Speed HEAT???Ogledi 120 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
11:40The BEST Drift Game... NEW to Nintendo Switch!
12:09WE React to DUMB People in CARS!
WE React to DUMB People in CARS!Ogledi 88 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
11:47Car Tik Tok is Cringe
Car Tik Tok is CringeOgledi 153 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
11:52WE React to FLOODED Road Car FAILS!!
WE React to FLOODED Road Car FAILS!!Ogledi 100 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
11:09Budget WHEELSPIN Builds in Forza Horizon 4!


  • "15 lb one" I think he means the 15 pound one

  • Is black smoke acceptable

  • for this game i really hope theres a lil more customization ik happy theres new sounds for engine wise an also hope the driving phisics is better to me all other horizons seem sumwat the same to me but overall really lookin foward to this game

  • My dad and i are working on an old 1973 TR6 and i would be so happy id they added it to the game.

  • 'louis vitton'

  • I've got 55.49 in the deveste 8

  • The pain in my eye's

  • Yo btw if you put low grip tyres on the calico you go over 150 mph

  • im unsubbing for how he customizes.....

  • Did somebody say family? 😠

  • Can you pls go back to heat pls

  • Mat trick u haaaaa haha

  • I wonder when/if they will update the Forza Hub to include FH 5 so we can start the game with a boost if credits?! 🤔💭

  • I love your videos

  • you are so funny

  • Vapid GB200 (Ford Rs200) is my weapon of choice, fast AF

  • 1Month Later. *GIVEAWAY ALERT" One Person Will Win a Supra MK5

  • Just came to thumbs down

  • It's raining it's pouring that Audi is snoring let's turn around and slam it down make the engine be roaring

  • Lower the car then it becomes the fastest car in the game.

  • God, do I wish I could install this onto my computer. Too bad every time I try to do something like that, all I end up doing is installing a mass of files that don't work.

  • Village castom

  • I already bought the game like many others. How many try to play it even though we're too early? That countdown taking forever...can't wait for this

  • I really hope they remove clothing and dances from wheelspins. It was the most annoying thing at the beginning

  • The Run was a Wii game too, it was really interesting, until you finish "the run", then I used to play it very rarely and only at modes where you just had to do takedowns, sry for my bad english I hope you understand :)

  • I like how the cars are not made from paper and doesn't fly in every little bump like in fh4

  • ud think they would do better quality. is it me or is it just 720 and not 60fps gameplay

  • playing the game since released date i was 6 then now im 21 i can destroy darius in any car even with a tier 2 :P

  • I wonder what the barn finds are gonna be like

  • So if there’s different festivals and each festival is a different race category then I reckon the 3 start cars will be a car for on road like a mx5, Abarth 595 or alpine a110. A car for rally events like Audi s1, ford escort cossie or an evo and a car for those cross country events like the Ford bronco, new defender or Arctic trucks hilux thing. So by picking your first car also decides what category you start off in and starting game location.

  • FH4 was boring after a few weeks. This seems to be the same

  • E esse cabelo de mandassaru

  • Use your e brake instead of the clutch.... use manual transmission for better control......

  • Why has the car got fans in the boot 😂😂

  • Noice

  • Omfg 2 Milion. I can buy it for 1,4M now. Thats a great deal

  • The game looks so real like a movie 😍

  • This is lowkey giving me NFS Pro Street vibes

  • 0:52 that’s in China

  • Came here after Ar12, Ericship, & Don Joewon's FH5 review

  • Your a ricer mate 😂😂

  • Hahaha wgat the heck

  • Wait so you need to come at least in the top 3, for 3 races. That you do 3 days?

  • I had an Italian guy go full on apeshit on a rammer yesterday Rammers never win I tell you (So why ram?)

  • This reminds me of fast and furious

  • Great they've added Shreks swamp

  • The drifting is soooooo smoooooottttttttthhhhhhhhh

  • is no one gonna talk about it cost 2.7 mil not 20 mil

  • This is Ar12 gaming's video!

  • :0

  • I love the 918 in real life so of course ima buy this only two cars in GTA I want the 811 and Calico

  • 2021

  • Prasu is just supra but jumbled up

  • Yo bro if you ever sell the R-34 I call dibs

  • You must be a good driver because that car just doesn't want to turn for me! Do the different spoilers have different levels of grip?

  • “I’m playing it very very very very safe right now” *Him driving at 200mph*

  • U r wrong that is my fav car 🙂

  • Such amazing graphics

  • Still wont be as good as horizon 1

  • Both games have their ups and downs.... Reasons to why id return to gta iv but also got reasons as to why id stay in gta v

  • **Me owning a crew that’s lv29 when there are no one in it except for me**

  • livery from need for speed underground

  • Thats the new bmw not supra

  • It's a little like the crew 2 with all the different festivals for all the different race categories.

  • This guy looks like the word "crack"

  • Haha cool

  • I need help getting money coz I need that in my life if it drifts I love it

  • First time watching this guy. Wtf 😂😂😫😭

  • I swear if tesla doesn’t isn’t in forza horizon 5 i will actually flip

  • Its actually a 16.7 million dollar car

  • The karin futo is the levin and this is the trueno

  • 3:34 it's just regular British weather.

  • When I found out it was PC I was crusheddddd! Console needs this game! Or I need a PC! So much $$$$$ tho

  • competition with forza horizon 5

  • How do you know it’s a 370 instead of a 350

  • very hyped

  • GTA is better

  • „This car looks super clean”

  • This shit riced… no offense😐. Looks horrible