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3:18KSI - Holiday (The KSI Show)
KSI - Holiday (The KSI Show)Ogledi 961 tis.Pred dnevom
3:28KSI - The Moment (The KSI Show)
KSI - The Moment (The KSI Show)Ogledi 1,8 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
3:32KSI - You [Official Lyric Video]
KSI - You [Official Lyric Video]Ogledi 1,2 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
2:25KSI - All Over The Place Album Trailer
KSI - All Over The Place Album TrailerOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 15 dnevi
2:26JAY1 x KSI - SWERVE [Official Lyric Video]
JAY1 x KSI - SWERVE [Official Lyric Video]Ogledi 598 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
2:46KSI - Holiday [A7S Remix Lyric Video]
KSI - Holiday [A7S Remix Lyric Video]Ogledi 861 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
3:16KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]
KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]Ogledi 20 mio.Pred mesecem
KSI - DOMAINOgledi 5 mio.Pred 7 meseci
3:32Cursed Baldski
Cursed BaldskiOgledi 3,3 mio.Pred 8 meseci
3:08It’s Here
It’s HereOgledi 3,9 mio.Pred letom


  • why recommended now???????????

  • JJ you've done it again another banger

  • 1M let's go

  • No wonder it was game over for KSI at the end, man's got a PS4 controller on his own song but both the featured artists are on PS5 😂

  • This song just makes me want to scream

  • I ain’t going to cap I didn’t like dis music vid

  • This song got stuck in my head for days, and I like it.

  • Nice house

  • The guy below my likes this music

  • Hello Guys! Can you guys please make my year and make me 1k?😏🙏🙏😊 I will do an extreme mix if it will come

  • i feel so bad for her 10:45

  • 1:10 they really use the gta 5 map

  • Hello Guys! Can you guys please make my year and make me 1k?😏🙏🙏😊 I will do an extreme mix if it will come

  • Hello Guys! Can you guys please make my year and make me 1k?😏🙏🙏😊 I will do an extreme mix if it will come

  • Were the complications that KSI got blocked??! Haha imagine 🤣

  • The guy below me edited his comment.

  • Last mad 3 years ago

  • Lets go fatneek

  • Last

  • Last

  • my guy got 21 savage and future in a music video THATS CRAZYYY

  • Last

  • 2:04 what shoes u tying 21 savage

  • This song really grew in me since the first listen

  • 2:00 hits different

  • Jj should really make a music vid on Gang Gang, that song just fits for a music video 🤩🔥

  • Ngl but this is 🔥 bro

  • I dont know if ksi knows but he was wearing a crip outfit in this music vid and 21 savage is blood 🤣🤣

  • This song is good for a Pepsi commercial or something 🤣

  • Who goes on their knees in a fight: Well Deji did.

  • Did someone say family???

  • Last

  • The guy below me knows that there is a person who knows a person who speaks facts

  • i made my teacher listen to this she loved it!

  • why does his voice sound higher

  • Ok I know this show god MAD shit but I genuinely enjoyed it, parts of it were cringe or lower quality but he made up for it with How HYPE Some of the bits were, props JJ.

  • This is great damn

  • So jj a cripp now. Wouldn’t surprise me if his next feat Blue face

  • even them guuuuud days

  • Other dude needs to punch and be more aggressive jj had that

  • Please do something with hopsin jj

  • This is amazing keep up the GOOD WORK JJ we all LOVE U

  • Last

  • Is this why KSI was playing GTA for so long?

  • This song hit different now that 21 came out of the Uk closet 😂

  • Love from India 🇮🇳 Navi Mumbai 400705 Slaughter gang 🗡🗡

  • Why can't they just turn the controllers on!

  • Ngl sounds like taylor swift type song

  • Last!!!!

  • Dog shite m8

  • 1:21 kaka? 🤔

  • no cap 21 slaps

  • He said "Clown" couple of times , i think he was talking about Alex Wassabi

  • Last

  • future carried so fuckin hardd

  • Twitter World War 3...

  • Good life

  • 0:30 what is ksi saying lmao

  • So poems of my man 🤩🤩🤩

  • Last

  • In love with this song! 😍❤

  • Future gave a good verse

  • There’s no limit to what this man can do

  • I think people just care about JJ’s albums if a new one drops or if he has features, like his songs alone don’t do that well.

    • His last song was without features and has more than 20 million views and almost 40 million streams

  • We're here hi man

  • Last

  • oh i´m walking away :)

  • Yep Jake's fucked

  • gamer moment

  • Khalid concert vibes

  • So?

  • 3:07

  • Go on 1:27 and look at bottom right it's the gta map

  • Jj that lit bro

  • The person below me hates quadeca’s diss track on KSI

  • His parents must be so proud what a success this man has become

  • JJ has soft friends.

  • Is that even him signing sounds like recording

  • Bro if juice and jj had made a song together 🥲🥲🥲🥳🥳💭🥳 shit go hard

  • lil baby was so off beat bru 💀