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9:14Starship SN10 Static Fire
Starship SN10 Static FireOgledi 90 tis.Pred dnevom
2:18:06Starship SN10 Static Fire Test
Starship SN10 Static Fire TestOgledi 220 tis.Pred 18 urami
1:54:55SCRUB: Starship SN10 Static Fire Test Scrubbed


  • That is one of the most beautiful sounds. ever ! And that looked flawless !

  • Great vid.

  • Reflection ?🤔

  • 🤔🤔what's the white ring up high on the nose cone ?Please!

  • Anybody know what SN they will likely start adding the 3mm components? Would expect to see rings out of 3mm before thrust pucks and common domes. Good reduction in weight straight up.

  • Ppl hi! Is any project like "project biosphere 2" running today on earth? I mean, if we cannot live isolated by windows. Will we be capable to sustain life on another planet? Why not to successful make a earth colony simulating mars from now, before onboards someone to then? thanks for the video!

  • It would be cool to have a live cam on mars even with the delay I'm sure will be amazing 😣

  • Before the preburners, the feeding is supplied in liquid form. Then in the gaseous state. And everything works perfectly in a vertical position relative to gravity. But after “belly flops” or after being in zero gravity, which will provide preburners with a continuous flow of liquid. What will prevent you from getting into the trunk and at the inlet of pre-börner gas phase, vapor bubbles, which can cause interruptions. It's unclear!

  • Boca Chica Gal, you are my hero. Cheers from Juneau Alaska, Greg Chaney

  • Liked, commented and subscribed. Thanks.

  • I don’t think it’s gonna be able to land as much as I want it to be successful. Just being realistic

  • No fainting for SN10!

  • she,s birthing,,,,,,,,,,,fire and ice poetry///////

  • So why do they not do a static, wait the 6 mins and then try the relight of the engines. I think that is the test you need to see

  • SN 10 must land successfully

  • it's funny that it's in the middle of a construction site

  • They're still renting their equipment? By now I would have thought they'd have their own fleet of heavy equipment... it would save them hundreds if thousands... probably even millions in the long run

  • I've ordered the tri motor cyber truck fsd last April & may buy the S Plaid as well. I got lots of solar & battery backup system to charge them both.. & i wish i could work there to see my truck getting built..i love space x too

  • "We appreciate power"

  • T Minus a couple more days, it's great that Elon has set his goal to reach the stars.

  • The new NASA Mars vehicle is already going TOO SLOW. Elon, get these ships on Mars we can't wait much longer.

  • Впечатляет 👏

  • He is so sick damn

  • I know it will land, this one is the one trust me

  • Hit me again Ike, and put a steak on it!!!

  • would love to see what the monthly bill is from united rental

  • Lot's of space<3 to Mary ... might not fill her belly directly, but hopefully it provides enough intrinsic satisfaction to keep recording and sharing <3

  • FYI, if you watch the tri-vent closely you will see them shut off for a second or two and then start back up. From that point, ignition is in 27 seconds. Timed it multiple times through SN8, SN9 and SN10. Bang on every single time.

  • Isn't it still too close to the ground level, because the power from those engines by the sound they make must cause debris to hit into the engine bay, but wow it sounds great.

  • Every time I see one of these along with the awesome third-party videos on all the technology, it amazes me that it all is allowed. Think about this: If the history books are written by the West, Elon vs China and Russa will be an epic story. The sad part is, Elon will lose. Why? When all you have to do is copy what's done in a so-called free society, keeping up and pulling ahead is easy. This Must Stop. But it won't. The American government just does not have the cahonies. :-(

  • And what that bird at 2:33 ? 🙁

  • I feel bad for tim (everyday astronaut) he couldn't watch this because of his internet ):

  • Why does this remind me, of Homer Simpson? 😂

  • Maybe Elon will manage to keep this one lol. Every time a startship blows up I can’t help but think, this is why we can’t have nice things lol

  • Elon is sining my song!!

  • Unbelievable Jeff.

  • Thank you NSF team for this awesome episode!

  • 5:36 The Rolling Stones are coming to visit ;)

  • I have a feeling this time they will have a successful landing.

  • What is the purpose of the fumes coming out before the ignition?

    • Turbo pumps spinning up I believe. Someone can correct me if that's not the case.

  • Guys, all these reposts and double feeds and outdated streams It's getting a bit sloppy, come on now

  • I wonder if the suspect engine is the oldest one vs newest one.

  • Thanks!Благодарю за такое зрелище,это еще ступенька к успешному запуску!Всем ребятам -привет !

  • R.I.P SN5

  • So who knows that’s up with that RV travel trailer right next to the launch pad? Front row seats

    • It's not that close, telephoto lens.

  • Wow. the BN-1 rings have almost no warping at all! theyve come such a long way with production.

  • The beach robotic camera gives a great view!

  • 3:27 Love in an elevator Livin' it up when I'm goin' down Love in an elevator Lovin' it up 'til I hit the ground...... Nice song, don't want "anything" hitting the ground though.

  • i just realized now that its called static fire because the starship doesn't move ...

  • Hi Mary that was awesome great 👍 few of the static fire 🔥 thanks for that 🚀🇬🇧❤️🔥David

  • time to go boom

  • Didn't have the patience to sit yesterday to watch and see if they test fired them. Thanks for posting this.

  • can we refer to raptors as RN already?

  • Countdown timer good. 👍

  • raptor 52 looks awesome

  • I wish we had cameras at the raptor engine factory to keep up with their developments like we do here.

    • Have to make the Chinese and the Russians do a Little work before copying the Technology.

  • Удачи тебе Илон Маск. Не расслабляйся. Ты уже попал в историю как величайший инженер.

  • Damn it feels like watching history even just 11 months ago

  • Clearly, it if is not blatantly obvious to Elon and everyone on the raptor design team: THERE IS SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG WITH THE RAPTOR ENGINE! You can't swap out an engine on the moon!!!! Multiple failures in static fire test with multiple engines, engine fails to reignite on reentry landing attempt, engine consumes itself on landing attempt. If Spacex doesn't fix the elephant in the room, this effort will likely fail.

    • It doesn’t matter - this Starship will never land on the Moon or Mars

  • Sadly they have to change an engine

  • Estou ansioso pra ver como o SN10 vai explodir.....

  • Plz fail sn10. Plllzzzzz

  • It sure is loud

  • I am Starship, hear me roar.

  • Love it🥰. Thanks Mary and crew!

  • I’m sure guys ask, who or what is in the white foreground trailer that is always parked out there?

  • SN10 heard Jack was on route so now needs to hold back so Jack stays for a month! Note for Jack: I think Elon is toying with you!

  • great stream guys! you always have the best one to watch even better then NASA

  • Awesome! To see all these views~ wonderful😲😃


  • Thank you for your continued coverage to all us tank watchers.