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9:53The Most HECTIC Post-Fight Brawls...
The Most HECTIC Post-Fight Brawls...Ogledi 6 tis.Pred dnevom
8:07The DEADLIEST FLYING KICK Knockouts Ever SEEN...
9:19The DUMBEST Moments In MMA... (MMA FAILS)
8:02Skull CRUSHING MMA Front Kick KNOCKOUTS...
Skull CRUSHING MMA Front Kick KNOCKOUTS...Ogledi 110 tis.Pred 2 meseci
8:35Liver RUPTURING Knee Body KNOCKOUTS...
Liver RUPTURING Knee Body KNOCKOUTS...Ogledi 20 tis.Pred 2 meseci
8:09MMA Fighters That Talked DURING Fights...


  • Leg kicks are lame actually. Not a fan.

  • the only time i would like to see people fighting is if the fighters are criminals and will fight till one dies.

  • That arm was ripe as fuck mu dude!

  • Dana is so unprofessional!!!!

  • Respect to Lawler for just throwing his hands up. Always a class act

  • Lol the music, which is played during mcgregor's ufc entrance, is actually 50 cent

  • That punch that split Covington's jaw was one of the most satisfying blows I've ever seen.

  • How dare you put anyone other than Cain Velasquez in the number one spot, In fact how dare you not include Cain Velasquez on the list in general. I am very upset

  • 2:00 Don't walk up on somebody like this unless you're trying to get hit.

  • 1. Gina Carano 2. Paige Vanzant

  • The petis Henderson one wasnt a knock out

  • The one where Uriah Hall killed"dude in tuff. I think his name was Adam it was so bad it messed Uriah up on being gun shy af the rest of his career til today

  • Prefiero perder q ganar de esa manera tan sucia , no hay honor en ganar asi.

  • Rose getting slammed was satisfying. She talked alot of trash about being the best.

  • Number 9, my sister probably would have done the same thing, thankfully she never came too watch me fight.

  • Gaethje has such a good blend with his leg kicks you’ll never see them coming

  • There's no excuse for kicking a man when their down, in the ring, cage or the street. Particularly with so called disciplined fighters. i understand that you can get caught up in the fury of a fight, none the less it's a piss weak move.

  • 💪🙏❤️

  • Really love it when Leon Edwards talked trash and interrupted Jorge Masvidal in his interview with Laura Sanko, and ended up receiving a three piece and a soda in the process!😁

  • That leg’s ruined buddy😂😂😂

  • Show the kicks!!

  • In boxing they carry on with a broken jaw

  • These photos are bastards look what happens when you put them in the boxing they get destroyed

  • Time to add McGregor to the list!!

  • Good on Ayala for recognizing Frank Mir was tapping before the ref. Taps on the feet are not common.

  • Number 4 and number 3 are the best to me tbh. Both crazy af especially #3 goodness gracious

  • Best champ respect 💯 but he did not Win this must be rematch

  • Great content dude, keep up the great work brother. cheers🍻


  • I hope Diaz post fight is on this list.... havent watched it all.

  • Let's get it on !!! , , Loving these videos 👌💪💪

  • Miss watching cabbage fight. Tai tuivasa reminds me of cabbage.

  • Love your voice i just subscribed today...

  • khabib was right....but ufc protects Connor so much

  • First

  • Could have done without the first minute of unnecessary chatter. Js

  • Seeing Colby getting his jaw broken was marvelous. I watched it live. You would think that it would have shut him up. Maybe he needs it broken again. Racist.

  • this video could easily be like 2 minutes lol

  • DAMN SHUUUT up!? let´s hear sound from video. NOT YOUR VOICE!

  • Lol dude he wasn't "asking for a timeout", he tapped on the feet, not sure why you think he's dumb enough to look for timeout after getting cracked

  • That is brutal, I can't imagine waking up the day after with a leg that was destroyed like that.

  • I was hoping Chael Sonnen and LeBron was on here.. although LeBron never responded to anything Chael said

  • not colbys x ray ive seen a link to the exact one it is from a website called that was uploaded in 2016 just search mandible fracture on that site youll see it about 3 pics down but i still dont believe colby when he says it wasnt broke because he was suspended for it by the ufc for a fracture jaw

  • funny how greggor has got away with everything he has done outside the ring.

  • omalley probally destroyed vinlands jaw for good

  • He took his dog!

  • The picture Colby haters use are from a dental clinic advertisement. Keep reaching losers.

    • @OfficialJustBarz Colby is in fight camp you dolt.

    • We know it's you Colby

    • @Archimedes Reincarnated hairline fracture. He took a beating that day just like Usman but Usman took a little less damage. His jaw was most likely hurt around the jawbone, it's not a broken jaw but the damage to connective tissue and muscles makes it just as bad. Dude fought for almost 3 rounds with a broken jaw and people still think he's weak or fragile or whatever.

    • youre right not his scan but his jaw was broken.. he definitely lied when he said it wasnt broke otherwise the ufc wouldnt have suspended him 180 days for a midline fracture..

  • Yair Rodriguez Vs. The Korean Zombie was one of my favorite KOs

  • How can you not include Dan Hardy vs GSP?! He survived an armbar and a kamura! GSP said he’s made of rubber! Dan said I don’t know the meaning of the word tap! And it left Dan with no cartilage remaining in that elbow! How is this not on the list?!

  • Cowboy cerone crush break his opponent jaw..

  • #5 don’t come out and kneel on the god damm mat!

  • LoL

  • Hello Fight Focus. A hairline fracture is not a bone break. Colby suffered a hairline fracture, not a broken jaw. Its like "HE IS FLYING" when someone is jumping. Please get facts straight and stop contributing to #fakenews

  • Dana is a money grabbing prick, whilst they bleed, he wallows in greed !!

  • Conor has a lot to learn. Someone that is one dimensional and doesn’t evolve will never last long. He will be buried alive.

  • His face says it all. If you have ever broken a bone like that you understand.

  • Usman Colby fight was that long ago?? Usman really is avoiding him!!

    • @Dale Phillips he backed it up last time. Usman just stepped it out. It will be a good fight

    • @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet Well the fight is set we will see if all Colby can back up what he spews this time.

    • @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet I understand....I was just making the point that even though they both want to fight it is Dana White that makes it happen. They are under contract and Colby knows this even through all the verbal insults that he spews. Listen to some of the fighters whom used to be friends with Colby....he's mental and not a very good person but he is a tough fighter ...I'll give him that.

    • @Dale Phillips its all good man. We will have to just disagree. I don't see anyone taking usman in that class except for Colby who has probably the best chance. Will see

    • @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet I don't think so

  • Did anybody else notice the discord notification at 5:07

  • No one "breaks his/her jaw", their jaw GETS BROKEN!

  • Daaaang getting punch in the face so hard your jaw cracks in half.