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14:53Songs You Totally Forgot About! #3
Songs You Totally Forgot About! #3Ogledi 283 tis.Pred dnevom
15:42Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #3
Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #3Ogledi 393 tis.Pred 14 urami
16:41Old Bands vs New Bands
Old Bands vs New BandsOgledi 345 tis.Pred 14 urami
15:40Songs That Shouldn't Work Together But Do #5
17:50Cheesy songs that are secretly GREAT
Cheesy songs that are secretly GREATOgledi 370 tis.Pred dnevom
16:46Songs that will make you feel like a villain
20:18Song lyrics that ARE NOT what they seem
Song lyrics that ARE NOT what they seemOgledi 447 tis.Pred dnevom
13:58LEGENDARY Sitcom Theme Songs
LEGENDARY Sitcom Theme SongsOgledi 278 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
16:34English Songs With NON-ENGLISH Hooks
English Songs With NON-ENGLISH HooksOgledi 373 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
12:58Songs that get Europeans TURNT!
Songs that get Europeans TURNT!Ogledi 436 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
17:31Popular Songs vs Riverdale Versions
Popular Songs vs Riverdale VersionsOgledi 401 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
20:49Pop Stars singing in SIMLISH
Pop Stars singing in SIMLISHOgledi 367 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
20:33Famous Singers covering other Famous Singers
17:38Songs That Made Artists Famous
Songs That Made Artists FamousOgledi 551 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
18:29TikTok Pop vs Normal Pop
TikTok Pop vs Normal PopOgledi 637 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
15:31songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity
songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanityOgledi 660 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
19:44Disney Singers vs Nickelodeon Singers
Disney Singers vs Nickelodeon SingersOgledi 654 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
19:00FORGOTTEN songs turned into SMASH HITS
FORGOTTEN songs turned into SMASH HITSOgledi 536 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
16:16Popular songs that were REMOVED from stores
Popular songs that were REMOVED from storesOgledi 461 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
100 SONGS THAT 90s KIDS GREW UP WITHOgledi 543 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
18:56unrelated songs that I think sound similar
unrelated songs that I think sound similarOgledi 674 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
13:19KSI made a song with YUNGBLUD?! (Patience Review)
14:33Songs you can't NOT sing along to #2
Songs you can't NOT sing along to #2Ogledi 632 tis.Pred 28 dnevi
18:13Most ANNOYING Songs of All Time #2
Most ANNOYING Songs of All Time #2Ogledi 593 tis.Pred 28 dnevi


  • 6:14 Did he just say "That's so sick" and the next song was called So Sick... that's so coincidental

  • 1:43 Your welcome

  • Metallica, The unforgiven 1, 2 and 3

  • widowmaker pulling on tracers hair tho!

  • sugar crash is basically making fun of edits

  • Old songs shall rule forever,I mean rap sucks,click the like button if u disagree with me...

  • Roomie: why are there so many military pictures? Me, an Australian: Mate, have you not heard of the ANZACS?

  • E

  • Sandstorm from Finland, still proud

  • I remembered at least half of these songs. (And I am not lying.)

  • Why does this dude have so many subs? He sucks.

  • 10:12 thank me later my fellow filipino citizen's

  • Adele's "hello" got the world record for getting 1 billion in least time it was like 87 days and its insane

  • 13:23 - I can't stand the original Lights. Bassnectar's remix is where it's at.

  • I love how you made such a banger out these this was sooooooo good 😍

  • 5:43 . She deliberately made her voice sound like it was nasal, besides that she was also a comedian

  • review mother mother before i go insane

  • So many people can't sing so don't take it for granted you act like an ass

  • 5:21 what was the point of that face on the mic lmfao-

  • its pronounced asdif not ay es de ef

  • I really don't know why I keep hoping to come by and see him covering something like the recent version of I'm With You that Avril and Yungblud did... Yungblud content is few and far between for such an actual talented singer.

  • I think "the box" Is a pretty good song and could have been at 4 or 5

  • the thing is that most of these yt songs are like jokes and are good as jokes but tiktok songs are actually trying to be music and in that they, mostly, fail terribly

  • Architects - Doomsday In my head they sing "It's like a brand new tuesday"

  • 5:22 look at the mic :)

  • Roomie looks more like Fantano than Taylor Swift does.

  • How doesn't Sofia go into ??. This is outrageous.

  • I kinda remember that beach scene in Blink 182 song are parodies from 98 degrees "Because of you" and Britneys "Sometimes"

  • Sad I'm 5 minutes into this and just sad.I play flute in my school band and you have to learn 3 notes within 30 minutes of the first day of playing her instrument this is just sad it's not that hard.😑🤣😔😂

  • Panic at the Disco's Crazy=Genious is the song missing in this list

  • Of course the Clapton song wasn't tuned, it was BEFORE AUTOTUNE.

  • I’m I the only one that thinks of kori’s tiktoks when I hear down 13:48 a lot of these others are on tiktok too.

  • Chad and Avril are still friends even if their marriage didnt work. i mean i like Nickleback but i love Avril so much and hello kitty wasnt that bad of a song Joel but the sad part is she got sick while touring but now she is back with more bangers.

  • How you know Joel is old

  • james charles is good

  • One of the reaction is deleted and other is private

  • I love ‘hall of fame’ I heard it on the radio and I really liked it

  • Maybe try and do a video with the artists who have the word Love in their song names, (not lyrics because that would just be ridiculous!!!)))

  • Ariana grande had some songs where she mentioned the same words from other song titles, I think she said “completely focused” in dangerous woman (focus was a song of hers that definitely should be in this video) then in into you she said “a little bit Dangerous”. I just found that interesting

  • Bruhhh listen to Sofia. It's sooo good. All of Alvaro Soler's songs are. Definitely turnt

  • Heartaches Al Bowly.

  • Always respect every nations national anthem even your enemies national anthem also

  • Why does Joel hate love the way you lie...😢

  • Also It Girl is so overplayed jesus

  • when dumb ways to die plays i teared up, memories

  • Happy Days went through two theme songs The first was Rock Around The Clock Cheap Trick did the That 70's Show theme If they're going to include Seinfeld Then Barney Miller and Night Court should be included The Flintstone's and Underdog had great theme songs.

  • Who else thought that Roomie was sitting on Daniel's lap for a second 😂

  • Ha ha Ha ha ha at four minutes and 22 seconds in the video you make me die laughing 😂

  • I forgot 3 and 1 I’ve never heard.

  • Im sad he did not pick beatles they put my name in the song hey jude

  • JFC Joel, buy some foam dude! That echo! Sheesh!

  • Led zeppelin good songs, all of my love, stairways to heaven, whole lotta love, immigrant song, black dog, rumble on, the list goes in but it helps if you smoke some weed or do some psychedelics kind like pink floyd

  • I keeped replaying the song to try hear it

  • How the hell did Joel forget about Hall of Fame

  • What app is he using??

  • He cussed so much sang roomie

  • Alternate title : an ultimate meme compilation

  • Daniel Thrasher was in here XD.

  • Kesha talkin bout Tik Tok before it was cool

  • Gross. Gross, gross, gross. 😆😆

  • Pausing to go listen to your new song. Brb.

  • 0:00 pause and just look at it

  • Actually xxxtentacion died in 2018 and started career in 2015/2016

  • i am unsubing bro don't disrespect solder boy like that plus i need to bleach my eyes

  • Petition to bring back Joel's impression videos

  • I had forgotten 1 song. I’d never heard 14. The rest I remember and most of those are in my playlist and get played from time to time.

  • How can you say Imagine Dragons doesn't feel like that big of a band? They were extremely popular there for a while, and were everywhere. Commercials, ESPN promos, NHL playoff promos. Everywhere. Would love to know what some of these older songs would have if Spotify were as big of a platform when the song was popular. I mean up until like 5-6 years ago iTunes was still the biggest music platform. Like JT Can't Stop The Feeling, Lukas Graham 7 years (wtf is that even doing on this list holy cow), Take Me to Church, Also, Spotify is mainly a western streaming service. Other countries have their own streaming services, whereas SLcd is pretty universal except for China and parts of the middle east, so it would make sense why the YT vs Spotify streams are so different.

  • bohemian rhapsody is an amazing song but the bismillah part can be highly offensive for muslims

  • Xxxtentacion 2018

  • Noice

  • petition for roomie to react to the most popular my little pony fan music

  • When Rommie doesn't know a really popular song 😲

  • Love u roomie ❤️😎

  • He 101

  • I saw a meme on the William and Britney song it went like this Idk why ghosts in movies are always from 1800 to 1900, how fricking scary whould it be to have a ghost from 2007 go "BRITNEY BI*H" an 3 am I though it was funny

  • This is my playlist i listen to everyday so most songs i remember but i totally forgot about Gallery and harlem shake and turned down for what and whatdya want from me but i remember the key of awesome parody of Whatdya want from me. i cant be the only one who remembers Key of Awesome. @RoomieOfficial can you please do a video of ranking the key of awesome parodies from the 1st video to the last and rank them from good to bad.

  • You need to react to Tim Hawkins comedy songs

  • The way he said bbno$'s name was great lol

  • uzi owned adderall when he got the feature tbh lmao

  • Baby shark is first