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0:57Malik Monk And-1 Wins The Game vs. Kings
Malik Monk And-1 Wins The Game vs. KingsOgledi 20 tis.Pred 15 urami
1:25OKC Had To Change Unis At Halftime vs. Hawks
2:51Shaq Fails At The NBA First Name Game
Shaq Fails At The NBA First Name GameOgledi 28 tis.Pred 15 urami
1:51The History of the 2005 NBA Dress Code
The History of the 2005 NBA Dress CodeOgledi 7 tis.Pred 15 urami
1:09Derrick Rose Hit His First 7 Shots Against Kings
30:06B/R Betting Group Chat Show: Mavs vs. 76ers


  • No go

  • just saying, that court is so nice, its so different and reminds me of grafiti on the street

  • Did anyone else think the thumbnail was from NBA 2K? It's really getting too real out here

  • Mavs 💪🏾Jet is one of favorites 💯

  • I say: you can't compare the NBA nowdays with the good old times, it's not the same hard defense anymore! Some people will think that's fine that the NBA isn't that hard anymore, and some not...

  • I’d love to hear this commentator for UFC fights


  • Wow! Threepeat MVP's and back to back Defensiveman of the year! 100% power!!! And I am starting to see skills! That's dangerous! :) If he can get a second superstar elite guard it's a championship in his pocket! He needs help in the post season.

  • Embiis is a whiney, flopping, crybaby. Seven feet tall and taking flops. Shaq got assaulted almost every time he touched the ball and never took a sissy flop.

  • Best dunk on rival ever Jason terry deserved that over getting his championship 😂😂😂

  • I love Giannis but my man traveled on that dunk.

  • Change can come peacefully. NO drama NO trauma . How bout you talk about Respect, responsibility,and decently prove your sincerity for change thats good for EVERYONE ! This is not a one sided issue.

  • Luka can be better than Bird but he is nowhere near Steph Curry.

  • I suppose travelling isn't a thing anymore.

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  • THis kid will go far

  • Imagine this happening to Lebron he'll get criticize so much

  • moooo bamba bamba

  • Melo during playoffs last year just adjusting from his long break in pro basketball. Now he regain his game

  • Jason Terry 🐐

  • He’s got a g-g-g-good brain! Lol! What a joke he is!

  • How can a center do that????

  • This was way back in the day,when the knicks were garbage.i dare them to try that shit now.

  • Dude is a wide receiver out here

  • This sequence was too Lit 🔥

  • That's what King James couldn't do last time... 😔 I idmire him but that looks pretty bad still now...

  • *This is a very LAZY comparison because they’re both white. It doesn’t make sense, they don’t play like each other*

  • Draymond “Triple Single” Green 😂

  • Traveling... Black... Number 34... Clippers ball

  • nice pass harden. unbelievable.

  • So happy Tatum is working on his game in the paint. Keep it up big guy, and in a couple years, you’ll be unstoppable.

  • I agree J Clarkson

  • Same as Jordan during his first season!

  • Only in the NBA this is not travel. How can a defensive player counter that with those rules? I would be much more surprised if JaVale miraculously managed to block Joel shot.

  • Bleacher Report is getting bad for clickbait titles.

  • Lmao that's when you KNOW you're old

  • That form is impeccable 👀

  • Mankind is so doomed. There is so much toxicity. We don’t have 50 years left.

  • Kd + Green + Klay + Curry = Unstable again!.

  • No disrespect to Embiid's skillset, but the NBA needs to start cracking down on these "Harden" step backs. Guys are literally taking 4-5 steps after the dribble. You cannot effectively defend against that.

  • All i get is Lamelo Ball highlights

  • Get in touch with Deion lebron

  • Hi

  • Luka : you know! Giannis: at the end of the day Me: yes, at the end of the day we know

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  • His footwork looking a little to good on that for a big man

  • Isn't this a travelling ?

  • lol i thot celts lost

  • What a time we live in. Imagine if we are in 80s and a 7 footer doing that.

  • Just here to say that MJ is the goat

  • Reporter: do you have any response to what he says? LeBron: Nah absolutely not. *proceeds to respond for 2 minutes*

    • He has to respond you seem pressed

  • I've been saying this, and people should start noticing: make these guys announce national playoff games

  • 0:23 Dame be like wtf is that?

  • I thank yall for this opportunity

  • sad no sexton and that afro center of the cavs fight moment

  • Harden flop again

  • Modern NBA = No Basketball Association. ( blatant traveling as is the rule for the past 10 years or so and it gets worse and worse )

  • So this is a highlight. What is interesting ? I dont get it

  • 1:32

  • PANDEMIC P has to complain about every game winner 😂😂😂 0:39

  • Homie finally got his high five

  • Lamelo Ball is making Malik Monk a better player. From DNP-CD to game winners. 👏🏽

  • Nice travel. Sometimes this guy looks like he doesn't know to play basketball, it's just raw force.

  • Love from Serbia🥰💖

  • That half court shot from Hield was actually scary ngl😳

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  • That was clean travel

  • Parang 2k lang. 😅

  • Bring back the cornrows annndd the scoring

  • That´s steps in every planet except in the NBA

  • defending using his face then flops

  • 50% Luka Magic 50% you know

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