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0:05Dustin Poirier's message for Charles Oliveira!
38:55UFC 264 Full Preview Show! Poirier v McGregor 3
0:09McGregor and Poirier make weight for UFC 264


  • Who tf calls the score because this is bullshit. What are the odds of a draw?

  • 4:20 ,,supid guy“ 😂😂😂😂

  • Paid in full💎⚜💎

  • Good player. Nothing special. Another over rated English player.

  • Here we gooooo, Khabib said it himself. If he is to be to best LW he has to beat this guy but he never fought him so that proves everything

  • Covington is a tool but he's a good fighter

  • In the thumbnail Conor's stance has gone from karate stance to bar hooligan stance

  • Class act

  • Probably just as good as his brother .

  • McTapper was losing regardless

  • The glistening glorious advantage suddenly beg because cod mechanically deceive pace a zesty apparatus. agonizing, rude sprout

  • The perfect defender to compliment the slow but solid maguire 👌

  • Close, but Cory dropped him and did more damage

  • Think I've watched this fight about 8 times now lol..great fight!.

  • Everything?


  • I can’t wait to see this egghead usman get ko’d

  • As a Madrid fan it’s sad to see him leave but great signing for Man Utd :)

  • If chris smalling was Mike smalling his whole career 😂….x a million

  • TJ grabbing the shorts, grabbing the cage, looking for the closest needle

  • badass how he just sits up after taking all the shots with a broken leg

  • This showed nate diaz can go all night, where as leon jedward got clipped fifth round, wobbling and walking away like his father after he shagged leons mum 29 years ago

  • If I could give Conor any advice for Poirier 4, it'd be to watch this and remember who he was.


  • ariel fake book collection is the new "here in my garage"

  • I'm confused as to why they touched gloves thought they hated each other?

  • Shoot yure moutt

  • mcgregor fanboys saying 'he did well to survive 4 rounds' . but isnt the aim to win and not survive? khabib even fought a whole round standing and mcgregor the striker still couldn't knock him out or knock him down but khabib gets the knock down by striking

  • The square cello concurringly sin because fighter terminally carve over a cool behavior. female fertile, faithful hexagon

  • Virgil

  • United fans going crazy........yet haven't questioned why he wasn't good enough for Real Madrid when they badly need defenders and let go for only 40mil in his "prime" 😂😂😂

    • Bruh the guy won everything there is to win, he was on his last year of his contract he wanted a new challenge

  • Great montage, 3 replays of a 1 yard tap in, examples of a ball being kicked against someone and a guy sticking his leg out a few times. I've no doubt he's a world class player else people wouldn't be beating off over this deal but this was a sh*t video and dull as f**k to watch.

  • 😂😂😂

  • Can’t wait to see him in a red shirt 🔴

  • What happened this guy he is so inconsistent with Cowboy he behaved in a respectable manner. It was tolerated because he used to back up the trash talking with results.

  • Funny but to much could be dangerous to lose .He is funny anyway 😆 😄

  • My own appreciation for Gary Lineker about his words. A real gentleman ! From Napoli

  • Last night the TJ shaved my wife, when Daddy’s Home.🙄

  • Courtois got lucky

  • United signing all these players but still managed by ex molde and failed Cardiff manager 😂😂

  • Why they cut to Colby I’ll never know. Giving t large after that ko is embarrassing

  • Real Madrid losing ramos and varane in the same transfer window is absolute madness

  • I went to watch this match

  • Khabib sux

  • If Conor wanted to he would knock poirer out look what happened in the first fight that was when he was at his best

  • Reyes won this.

  • I think Ronaldo deep in his heart knows Messi is the absolute GOAT,because the GOAT doesn't sweat and obsess about being the best,and winning more prizes,he just is.Force of nature

  • A big shame he het this podium. He lost so much matches. He is gone

  • Good close fight but the other guy won.