International Federation of Sport Climbing

International Federation of Sport Climbing International Federation of Sport Climbing

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The IFSC is an Olympic International Federation whose objectives are the direction, regulation, promotion, development, and furtherance of Sport Climbing worldwide. Sport Climbing is in the programme of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, as voted by the IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016. Sport Climbing debuted as a Youth Olympic Sport in Buenos Aires 2018, will be featured at the Youth Olympic Games again at Dakar 2022, and is being considered for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games.


2:19:16IFSC World Cup Briançon 2021 || Finals
IFSC World Cup Briançon 2021 || FinalsOgledi 168 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
2:56:46IFSC World Cup Briançon 2021 || Semi-finals
2:11:21IFSC World Cup Chamonix 2021 || Lead finals
3:12:02IFSC World Cup Chamonix 2021 || Lead semi-finals
2:14:57IFSC World Cup Villars 2021 || Lead finals
IFSC World Cup Villars 2021 || Lead finalsOgledi 97 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
3:27IFSC World Cup Villars 2021 || Lead highlights
2:28:20IFSC World Cup Villars 2021 || Lead semi-finals
1:24:57IFSC World Cup Villars 2021 || Speed finals
4:43:52IFSC World Cup Innsbruck 2021 || Boulder finals
2:04:56IFSC World Cup Innsbruck 2021 || Lead finals
2:34:41IFSC World Cup Innsbruck 2021 || Lead semi-finals
1:42:54IFSC European Cup Innsbruck 2021 || Speed finals


  • Noooo :( I was really hoping for Futaba Ito to make a comeback on the last boulder!

  • Just came here to appreciate how much better finals broadcasts are looking today :) Also nice to see young Janja and Stasa, and Shauna winning! Hope she does well at the Olympics.

  • Grande Stefano!!

  • Why Megos isn't here?

  • Alexandra Totkova's top was amazing. bonus points for not getting the rope behind her legs!

  • I got anxiety from the women's rope getting stuck on that big volume / being behind the climber's legs in such a difficult section.

  • Need for speed or No need for speed, that is the question?!

  • The Olympics are seriously becoming more and more and more of a complete joke every damn year

  • すごいい

  • that Stefano clip is so crazy

  • Ironic that the thing that Sean likes about Lead is that you only get one shot flashback to the semifinals a few years back where he slipped on the second move

  • Trying to get info on how she died all I find is "she will be missed" "such a promise" "rip" when the truth appears to be she didnt secure herself. Too much self confidence?

  • Mehr Werbung ging nicht????? Was soll das? War sonst auch nicht. Ultra störend

  • So bummed fanny gibert never qualified for olympics

  • Cannot wait :-*

  • just watched laura rogora's attempt. Hope she doesnt get appealed down.

  • Brooke might be one of the most attractive woman I've seen, what a great climber

  • The only thing I know is Janja Garnbret has a 99.99% chance at winning. But a 0% chance at getting the text-to-speech function to spell her name correctly on my phone. On the first try. Good thing I proof read a little.

  • Thank you Kyra and Sean! Good luck in the Olympics!

  • "What's cool about speed climbing is that it's going to be fastest event in the Olympics." The best thing about speed climbing: You do not have do endure it for long.

  • Panjat tebing womens kok gak ada dri Indonesia

  • why do they always fail to cover the top of the climb sufficiently from the rain?

  • Staša is such a great commentator. I remember Nathaniel Coleman did a tremendous job commentating one of the bouldering comps in the past as well. Wondering who else do you guys think are pretty good commentators? Would love to go back and watch these games to learn more.

  • Look so easy ,,,, for them 😅 if I do it, might be take forever

  • Aaaahh

  • and would have had to swap feet to move across.

  • where can i watch the climbing from the olympics?

  • should be 3 different metals...for each discipline

  • 16 names, Matt. That's all you have to learn. Nakawagwa indeed. Excellent commentary otherwise. So happy for Eliska!

    • Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.

  • This climbing thing seems pretty dope

  • Sean Bailey is the Jess Mariano of climbing

  • G/L to both these world class sport climbers, two of my favorites.

  • The difference between the three disciplines is that bouldering and lead are actual climbing where strength and technique need to be combined with the ability to read a route, to plan, to quickly decide, where the same route can be solved in different ways by different climbers, while speed climbing is a mindless, boring, silly test of explosive power that has nothing to do with what makes climbing fascinating and beautiful and therefore disadvantages true good climbers.

  • Indonesia gitu loh

  • I want to see Kyra win gold so badly! She is my favorite!

  • Will you be transmitting live stream of the climbing in the Olympics?

  • How can we rewatch Olympic climbing in the US?

    • Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.

  • Nice video, hope climbing gets a big audience!

  • Really hope they break up the medals next Olympics

    • @Becca Sneyd thats a vast improvement.

    • they are, in paris speed will be a single event and lead and boulder will still be combined

  • Man I miss climbing haven't done so in over 2 years

  • Commentary was good, and it can be even better if you look at the language you're using - all the men you're talking about how much they would like to win, and the women it's how happy they are to be there and how smiley/calm/focused they appear. The women also want to win, and I would think the men are also happy to be there!

    • Matt Groom is excellent on commentary. He really should have been asked to commentate on the Olympic coverage for the beeb 👍

  • Cant wait to see some of my favorite climbers in the olympics. So dope! The American climbers make our country proud in ifsc comps world wide, but here's another chance and theyll do amazingly. Everyone climbing at the olympic will. My money is on adam ondra and janja garnbret taking golds, but maybe brooke will bring hime the silver? Idk if colin wilk be in that kind of shape to podium, But i can hope . Good luck to all the Olympians. Youre all pushing our sport forward just by being there.

    • @Michael Foreman tomoa is amazing, and while his speed climbing is impressive, he also goes balls to the wall and slips up with some regularity. Its not constant, but id guess at least 10% of the time, he seems to have an issue that could have been avoided on the speed wall . His bouldering is, good, hes tomoa after all, but idk how his endurance is for lead. Also, one mistake in lead and its over. He is so dynamic that bouldering suits him. Multiple attempts, he can take risks, i think that mentality may hurt him in lead. Adam is just so well-rounded as a boulder, lead and outdoor climber that he has the ability to read almost any route or problem fairly well and he takes medals in both. Id say speed is the question, since ive never seen him compete in speed, but if he takes top in bouldee and lead, which is a strong possibility, as long as he places high enough in the middle of the pack, he should be able to take it. There are only 8 men contending, so if he had 2 firsts and last in speed, hed score an 8, and say tomoa came in 2nd in boulder and speed, hed need first in lead also to win, or 2nd to tie. The same is true for anyone if the same person gets 1st in two disciplines, but i used ondra because hes the most consistent at winning in lead and boulder. Either way, tomoa is a great climber, and i cant wait to see how the results come out. Maybe after its all said and done, ill check back here and we can see if we were both wrong xDD

    • Think it's gotta be tomoa for the men's; home crowd advantage, arguably the best boulderer attending and the only non-speed specialist to contend with actual speed climbers. We'll see though!

  • Молодцы!!!

  • Where do we watch it?!?!?!?!

  • My tip, is to get a chalk bag nearby, because you hands gonna get really sweaty really fast.

  • Hopefully next time they'll separate speed, bouldering and lead. At least speed apart from the other two. It's like saying to a marathon runner that in order to win he needs to do 100m sprint as well.. they're two VERY different disciplines and should be separate.

    • Yeah, speed is so different. Its absolutely like having distance runners scored on a sprinting event. Totally different skillsets. These others say it will be different in 4 years, and that's what im hoping. Speed climbing almost fits into track and field type sports, like hurtle, shotput, high jump, etc...because it's almost purely physical skill and talent based. Boulder and lead are more thought-based and planning-based with skill and talent on top as amplifies. You can outthink a strong climber with the right beta in lead and bouldering. The beta barely changes in speed Except for the skip people started doing. To have something more intellectual like lead and boulder lumped in with speed feels like judging a pitcher on his home run average. In the NL, sure, pitchers may bat, but their job of pitching takes so much thought and planning on top of their talent and skill while when batting, they go on instinct/skill/talent and dont have time to think, much like in speed.

    • They are in Paris.

    • I would compare lead and speed to swimming and synchronised swimming.

    • the next olympics will have 2 sets of medals. 1 for speed and 1 for boulder/lead combined.

  • My tip, don't watch speed climbing, you'll fall asleep

    • Maybe if you're a climber. For the average viewer it will be the most entertaining. Just like how the 100m dash is the popular track and field event

  • Most important tip: chalk up so your hands don't get sweaty while watching the climbing.

  • The good thing about speed climbing is that it's over before you know it

    • thats probably the only good thing, roll on 2024 with seperate medals,

    • Sounds like every relationship I’ve been in

    • It's funny because it's true.

  • Grab a rock instead of a door frame lol

  • Main thing to understand: If Janja doesn't win, the ranking system is not fair.

    • @Sage Bauer because the 1*1*8 is ahead from the 2*2*2 in 2 disciplines

    • @Micah Van Dam well Janja did win the two events she entered this year. And she was 1st in Qalis, 1st in SF and 1st in finals... in both comps. Laura was also there. Laura of course is incredible this year, but it would still be safer to bet on Janja. Too bad Natalia Grossman hasn’t qualified. Would be fun to watch those 3 :)

    • @D KR awesome. Thanks for the info!

    • @Sage Bauer If there’s an exact points tie, the athlete that placed better in two out of three disciplines is ranked higher. Its impossible for two climbers to have the same rank at the end of the competition.

    • @D KR why?

  • I hope one day that the sport expands enough where it can have both a combined event and single events (Just so we get more to watch during the Olympics)

    • @ofizzy i know but it’s a definite improvement than this year

    • Needs to be 3 medals. Separate events.

    • @NewLegacy93 it doesn’t really make sense to have it combined if it is popular enough to be single events, the disciplines are so different and combining them just levels athletes out rather than seeing who is actually the best in their discipline

    • @Becca Sneyd Hot take, if they had the individual events as well then I wouldn't hate speed being in combined.

    • in the Paris olympics speed will be a separate event, and bouldering and lead will be combined

  • From the close ups it seems kind of obvious they are reading off a script, maybe better camera angles next time?

    • I think its largely their lack of skill and preparation for script reading and this particular script respectively. Thats not to insult them, but reading a script convincingly is acting and it's not an easy task, and if they dont memorize the script, its even tougher to seem natural.

  • Where is it broadcasted in Germany?

  • Lmao 'grab a doorframe' what

    • @Santeri Vidal was this the one set by Magnus Midtbø and Pete Whittaker? They called it the money problem.

    • I've actually climbed a boulder route indoors which was made of coins with a drill hole. They were 1-3 coins on a slightly slabby wall.

    • @Scribblez Oh sure 100% but i think that would be unfathomable to the people watching at home. You're totally right, somtimes its barely a few mm, but you can't explain that to the people at home. + if they want to try, they can actually hang from their door frame. One of my friends who is a teacher showed his physics class that as an example. (needless to say, they were very impressed hahaha)

    • @JAlanne I'd definitely say they're much thinner than a door frame, at least the door frames in my apartment lol. I've climbed some holds on V6/7 that (on slab) are about two coins stacked, obviously it varies by incline but I've fooled around on some harder climbs with similar holds on ~40 from vertical. It really just goes to show though, it's hard to help someone understand how difficult climbing is until they've tried it. Hopefully the olympic exposure will lead more people to try it out for themselves :)

    • this is actually a pretty good explenation imo the crimps are really razor thin at that level

  • Excellent initiative! Go climbing!!! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  • 2:08:05 was awesome

  • Oh yay. Comments are back. I love going to the comments to learn more about the sport/climbers.

  • Anyone know where janja is? Is she taking a break before the olympics?

  • how do these world cups work? there are like 3-4 sessions, you can go to any of these if you don't feel tired or what?

  • Great to see Eliska win. It’s interesting however that a maybe a reasonably basic positioning error likely made the difference for Natalia being second. Maybe she underestimated how bad that last crimp was or was just really pumped and thus just “going for it”. However just looking at it you can see how much more easy Eliska made the move by shifting across so her centre of gravity is under the crimp and holding herself in position with left foot against the volume. In contrast Natalia is much further to the right and would have had to swap feet to move across.

    • Also I think Eliska managed a very effective knee bar test on the route that could have given her just that edge!

  • i feel like the belayers give them too much slack they let them fall almost to the ground it seems so scary

    • They know what they're doing

  • Crushed it!

  • Adam defeated by rain water :(

  • Stefano, what a fkin beast!

  • Now I can believe assassin's creed is realistic

  • If you put it on 2x playback, it's speed climbing

  • 53:02 why didn't they say anything about Sean using no holds to keep himself on the wall!

    • his feet were still on unlike stefano

  • Never thought I'd live to see the day when Ashima finally decides to ditch those ugly shorts that she would turn up in, in the past. God, those were an eye sore... Glad that's over.

  • such a rollercoaster of a final!

  • Wow so happy for Eliška, so deserved, she climbed superbly!!

  • Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.

  • It's so weird to see Janja not flashing everything.

  • I know a lot of people like Matt's commentating, but I personally am getting quite sick of it. He repeats himself all the time, his knowledge about the climbers' seems to be reading off from a fact sheet (highest grade they climbed, participations & placement in comps), his pronunciation of athletes' names is atrocious, he feels the need to explain the absolute basics of comp climbing 10 times during one livestream (I know it is helpful for a new audience, but just explain it once at the top of the livestream and then stop, this is not radio), he is more focused on what place the competitors will get (will they make it to the finals??) rather than the climbing itself and he always asks the guest commentators the same questions. Rant over. Like I said, I know lots of people like him and there are definitely positive aspects of his commentating (lots of energy, sometimes asks good questions of the guests) but I can't see past the rest.

  • Matt Groom is excellent on commentary. He really should have been asked to commentate on the Olympic coverage for the beeb 👍

    • I was more nervous just watching the women climb than ashima was in her whole entire climb. Hahahahah

  • I want wide boyz to comment W4.

  • why do they always fail to cover the top of the climb sufficiently from the rain?

  • So glad molly is commentating for the olympics, she is great! (Although definitely would rather see her on the wall!)

  • Can they stop giving Aleksandra Totkova a leprechaun costumes?

    • Little shrek yeeting her way up the wall

  • When the women come off the wall most go down kicking their legs. Any thoughts why?