Objavljeno 18. apr. 2021
BTC has just plummeted and everyone is looking for the reason why Bitcoin crashed. The entire crypto market was thrown into a frenzy with many of the top coins seeing 10-20% losses. A lot of people got REKT and billions of dollars worth of liquidations occurred. I’m happy to say I was not one of them.
Today we look at several reasons why Bitcoin dumped. We’ll discuss a possible Coinbase conspiracy to get cheaper BTC. Find out the EXACT reasons for Bitcoin crashing and what I think will happen to the price of Bitcoin in the near future.
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  • Exactly like I predicted 😂😂😂. That priceless. 🍻 great video

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  • My eth is down 9k :( hope it will recover soon

  • Coin base selling their shares. Something not adding up


    • I think people are selling due to the pi cycle chart.

  • Been through this so many times. Just keep it all in order. Buy more if it's possible. Don't worry be happy

    • Don't say I didn't say it first Safemoon and Safe Mars

  • My eth is down 9k :( hope it will recover soon

  • Normal bull market correction. I bought this morning, will buy more if it drops further.

    • Don't say I didn't say it first Safemoon and Safe Mars

  • @michael.felix213

    • I think people are selling due to the pi cycle chart.

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  • What about the 8bn in long liquidations

  • Buy OCTANS (OCTA) literally on fire! It will be bigger than SAFEMOON, AMA TODAY!

  • Well gold and silver went down and so is bitcoins

  • US government should show this to promote the wearing of masks

  • 1000% the bigg echange played the game because of the $10bn got liquidated yesterday. Who wins them ofc exchange

  • I think people are selling due to the pi cycle chart.

  • Don't say I didn't say it first Safemoon and Safe Mars

  • Welcome to the bear market season!

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  • Finally someone that actually understands and recognizes that there could be more to this other than the hash rate drop from China power outages... 😇🚀😇



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  • “Good Job Sun” : such an epic joke told so nonchalantly.. yeah...a halo was forming....Saint BitBoy, patron Saint of Hodlers.

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  • Bitcoins are illegal, not issue by any Government or central Bank and not traceable, Bitcoins must be ban because it is use by terrorists and criminals.

  • Always showin' gratitude to the Lord, brother Ben!

  • BCTR - Ready to Explode

  • Market manipulation is my bet

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  • HSBC prevents Costumers buying shares from companys who invested in Cryptos.

  • Currently holding: ADA, Polkadot, Doge, VET and Sushi Swap

  • Rinse and repeat strategy

  • 2:55 "Good job son" The Lord himself talking through BitBoy LMAO!

  • $4 VeChain by May 2023

  • None of the above. This is a copy of the 2013 bull run. We are on the way down from our first wave, bouncing of the 21EMA before heading higher to 125k on the second wave of the bull run. That's my opinion. We just closed today below the 50 SMA which we have not done for the last six months. I expect BTC to reject again around the 58k level and start heading down to 45k before going to the moon.

  • octa and safe moon

  • The institutions mass sold to knock the stop losses off their positions. Plain and simple.

  • There's no way news stories caused an almost $10k drop in 15 minutes...

  • Ben’s the official Crypto prophet- “Exactly as I predicted!” My kids and I watch every YT “live” just for your enthusiasm! You got the smarts in crypto too though🔥 Awesome content Ben!

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  • you look like a BIG FAT angel ... and i dig that !!

  • I started out last evening 60K in cash, now as of today I"m 1k in cash. 😆

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  • coinbase/manipulation just basically coincided with the other news which made it worse.

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  • *all markets are manipulated*

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  • How come no one uses the block explorer. Every time the price drops like this, it's some rich guy and and friends trying to buy BTC at a cheap price then jack it back up. This has been making Ethereum make larger gains over time.

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  • No Hellcat? Noooooo

  • Coinbase is a p@ssy

  • Intro is getting old

  • 36 day candle is being printed

  • Vechain

  • You missed the main reason, which was the liquidation of some $3bn of longs which had a spiralling downward effect on the BTC price, all thanks to the whales who have no doubt been scooping up more BTC at bargain basement prices. Effectively, more market manipulation. We are all George

  • I do plan on buying more vechain tomorrow, celr seems like something 🤔

  • One fact for Turkey that he may do not know. Turkey is a democracy only on paper, with this president they have in recent years, they have become a monarchy. In the last 2 years, this president fired 4 presidents of the central bank, with one of them being his son-in-law. So yes he can do whatever he wants with cryptocurrencies, for now.

  • Whales

  • None of the above the Wells have liquidated all the long leverage

  • Reason: bitcoin being bitcoin!

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  • Good job Sun!... nice moment... yup the xinjang blackout caused by sudden flooding... mmmm

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  • whales are cashing in

  • It’s obvious price manipulation to liquidate leveraged longs............


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  • Now not losing so much with Doge and VeChain, Good Luck ! 🎈🎈🎈

  • What are your thoughts on xlm

  • not worried. as soon as it hit 52K i put in an extra 2k

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  • I got rekt. Started all day yesterday shorting and did well until i changed position at 55k then leveraged to much

  • whales manipulation

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  • Another possibility.... leverage company manipulation working together with other whales