Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream

Objavljeno 22. feb. 2021
Tommy Gets Locked In Prison with Dream on the Dream SMP
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
Channel managed by Rudy, big thanks to him - @Rudylmao


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  • How is dream the villain of dream smp?😂 Like he's the one I guess who made that server 🤔

  • dream is logan paul

  • I just can’t get over Tommy’s accent. ‘ *fookin* ’

  • He has done wrong but he also has feelings

  • Come forgive him but you can keep an eye on him

  • He is also your best friend. He helped you to fight against Sapnap, BBH, George

  • You have to someday

  • You tell him the deal that he do not do that again

  • Tommyinnit I think that all the smp members should make a deal with him

  • Lmao

  • I'm watching this right after watching Tommy's Plan to Kill Dream, and hearing him tell Sam at the beginning of this that he doesn't think Dream deserves death is hysterical

  • 26:19 POG

  • Dreams*

  • Tommy Smp lol

  • Hermitcraft: there’s no harm, everyone does things for fun! Dream SMP: rule number one, constantly insult each other

  • I felt so bad for dream when tommy threw his books in the lava


  • I am the only one wwho is angry of tommy swering to dream as hell

  • Tommy: Dream wtf is going on here!!! 😰😡 Dream: I have some potatoes.☺️

  • 30:29 wow

  • I want Dream to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and stop swearing tommy

  • Im actually so confused whats happening why is tommy so angry and what did dream do

  • Tommy's chin = peter griffin

  • The last wipe coming to theaters near you after covid

  • dis guy is over drmatic just stop shut up

  • bad boy halo helped dream that tnt was badboyhalo placing it

  • This is how much times Tommy said f**k you 👇

  • hfyukcydytdty

  • oof sorry but what did dream do

  • God, C!Dream is such a manipulative asshole. Even after everything he is still able to dig his claws back into Tommy and string him along. (The acting for both dream and tommy is -chefs kiss-)

  • Sad

  • Just a genuine question....this whole drama is just role-playing, right?

  • Tommy, you know when u were gonna g into the prison, the bed u slept in. U can go into the lava, and u will respawn on the other side!

  • dude ik that dream has been a horrible person and everything but, toppy calling him a dick, and "fuck you" when hes talking all that stuff to calm him down... the i wanna be you friend, i changed, i wanna be your company and esvape together... it makes me sad and i feel bad for dream :(

  • Not dream

  • You are the ashole

  • Dream is cooler than you

  • And you are the beach

    • is there sand on that beach?

  • didn't yall come together to fight dream, which was dreams fault so he did bring the SMP together.

  • why wouldn't you visit him anymore

  • Bruh you cannot get rid of dream he is the server owner

  • he is your friend and you feel bad because you kinda need him but he is locked up.

  • Dream will escape there's no chance of you surviving

  • 32:38

  • This prison is what I think Azkaban might look like

  • Anyone else feel bad for dream he just has to sit in prison and he is paying for the server

  • Dream: could be years till u get out :/ Tommy: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh no my hotel Me: you can just re spawn at the bed.....

  • I’m a girl lol

  • There's so much stuff u have to do to get in 😂

  • Did anybody watch the movie SING I felt like Johnny's song "I'm still standing" fits tommy so well. Don't you agree?🤔 :)

    • original song by elton john :)

  • If your Aries you can be my friend cuz I’m a Leo ♌️ 🔪👿

  • In this It kinda makes me feel bad for dream because it looked like he had changed

  • 43:55 😭

  • I love the acting and how well the script was written you done good guys

  • 41:48 tommy : you know what let me listen to relaxing sounds also tommy , proceeded to play AGHLUALALABGHAALALA


  • U good tommy?

  • You Suck

  • Am a gril!

  • u know how emotional this is this is litteraly THE first video/movie/series to ever make me cry

    • how did this even make you shed a single tear?

  • im sad that you wil not visit dream again :(

  • i hate you tommy vor this i dont care what you say

  • Are you real Tommy

  • I cant Tommy's attitude. :^

  • The acting on the dream smp is amazing

  • Dream: Just once a month it will help me it will help me better Tommy: Fuck off mate

  • Think about it then just have so that I can stream power we all know what's inside nightmare

  • is it weird that i feel BAD for dream? :/

  • im really just glad this is all scripted-

  • I love how they're just eating potatoes while arguing

  • Dream sounded so sad when Tommy said it was his last time there.


  • Me-hmmmmmmmmmmm /my brother -this is tea cringy



  • He protect he attack but most importantly he screaming for sam

  • oh my god why did u thorh his books?!

  • "dream is like jared."

  • 39:39 your mum

  • lol

  • Am I the only one who felt bad for dream because no one visits him and he losed his clock🥺 Edit: I also feel bad how he treated dream and burned a lot of the stuff he had in the prison 🥺 I never hated tommy but I’m starting to dislike him a little

  • I like how when Tommy walks closer as if to look Dream in the eye it just zooms in on a bright green square

  • I HATE you Tommy you disrespected Dream he is my life and you put Dream in prison so you put my life in prison.

  • :( I kinda feel bad for dream if you visit his please tell him I said hi

  • i’ve studied acting for years and i must say tommy is a great actor better then some of the people in my class

  • famous last words, "every tramatiing place seems to always have blackstone" tommyinnt 2021

  • Dream : I don't know more than you dude. Me : LIAR

  • 37:18. I'm scared

  • 26:53 hear the explosion

  • 😥Im sad

  • 30:30 I'm new to Tommy n his channel (absolute pog btw) n I saw the animated clip of this b4 I saw this video... its cool tho lol

  • Can you not swear so much

  • I feiel bad for dream

  • Its so sad

  • Hi tommy :)

  • Can you please stop swearing l am 5 please

  • why the fudge do you have to be so mean to him!!

  • Question- When Tommy was stuck in with dream why didn’t he kill himself in the lava so he could respawn to the bed on the other side?

    • because he only had one canon life left so if he had did that he would’ve used it since him being stuck in the prison with dream is canon to the story

  • I’m moving on to bigger and better things..................BiTcH