The Main Character of Dream SMP

Objavljeno 28. feb. 2021
technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character

edited by Wardenboo
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"The Happiest Days" by J.F. Gloss


  • He got 1mil in a month

  • he wasnt joking when he said his views isn't going up or down


  • Don’t worry Techno, you’re the one Rambo aspires to be. That just means you’ll become the villain later.

  • Jiraya.............

  • love you techno blade!!!


  • I feel like sad-ist is gonna make an animation about this

  • It was jiraya That died


  • Wait if techno is a pig, does that’s mean that they can eventually evolve and be man slaughtering beasts

  • they make me so happy

  • The reason Technoblade is so strong is because he makes the main characters orphans... and he survives


  • POG Spawners Ranboo has silk touch on his hand

  • What about Goku?

  • Wait is he not a main character cause he picked teh block up

  • Bruh get bedrock lol

  • why do I feel like later ranboo will be able to kill mobs with his hands and they drop spawn eggs

  • Dream is better then techno

  • Which Ranboo stream was this from if it's from the streams.

  • Techno: omg I am so rich I had to drop gold blocks to pick it up. Also Techno: has a singular piece of dirt in his hotbar.

  • 696 Million subs

  • Teacher : Today we’ll be learning about Orphan squared

  • 7 mil is so close-------

  • naruto

  • 7:45 these men solved world hunger

  • 3:30 *Yes. Yes he did* BUT THEN HE CAME BACK TO LIFE!!

  • I legit died when he said "orphan squared" Lmao

  • William Zeppeli. Oh no he died. Yep technoblade always dies

  • Joseph Joestar was the mentor character in part 3 of Jojo an didn't die. Well he did. But..... He came back

  • “We’re at the cup of 7 Million, we’re inches away” Me: ah yes yes, 6.08 million is close to 7 million yes yes

  • turns out marie antoinette had the right idea all along

  • Technoblade: “I’m so used to being a wanted criminal so then I just got rid of the country that had a bounty on me” Modern problems require Modern solutions

  • Hi DAVE

  • Villian : say your last words Person : but I am the main character Villian : “understandable have a great day

  • Techno to 7 mil!

  • Techno jiriya died

  • Techno: I have no powers Also Techno: Chat I never die

  • Kakashi did die in the pain arc, just saying

  • @ranboo

  • @ranboo

  • The egg did the egg grow a lot

  • steaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • What about bedrock

  • Kakashi died in baruto

  • techo dont feel so bad ur super power is that u cant die i mean u survived an execution who can do that

  • I love to know that I came back to this video on the day where it has 6,666,756 views

  • haste potions would help ranboo

  • techno is like, a second main character that’s super chaotic like Katsuki Bakugou or maybe Zuko from avatar (I’m aware that isn’t an anime) that becomes the main character’s bestfriend sooner in the show

  • Government isn't bad, it is the one who controls it. Edit: I have no idea why I written this comment

  • 6.95

  • Lmanburg was the season one, and we are going through season 2

  • I love how he is so calm hitting a cool clutch

  • Technoblade has grow from 6m to like 7m in 2 months

  • 1 its a grass 2 its a spwaner 3 is an any portal 4 its the planet

  • rip technoblade samurai

  • this is foreshadowing of tommy’s death on the dream smp

  • 8:00 Ranboo literally saved Africa":))))))

  • lol technology pig laf haha

  • kakashi died then brought back to life hmmmmm is that familiar oh techno died but had a totem and was brought back to life

  • Urahara Kisuke didnt die. And Philza's skin is based off of him so he'll be fine. Technoblade suits the rival more than the sensei anyway.

  • Nah nah nah Technoblade is the cool Villan who’s a king and never dies.

  • 6:20 "Oh! OH! Ranboo, Ranboo! I know where an egg is!"

  • Plot twist Tommy is the main character 1st of all he’s adopted 2nd of all he’s the child 3rd of all he has an arch enemy DREAM the ultimate DREAMER!

  • Pin this techno or your an orphan

  • Bruh

  • That is original smp or origins? 😂

  • Techno you have to eat

  • arson speedrun

  • Ur the best

  • All Might Is Deku's Sensei He Isn't Dead

  • Techno you know there's friends that help the main character in animes that are good with wepons

  • Techno is the type of person where one moment he will be joking around with his dad, the next blowing up a country.

  • Ranboo = OP

  • What main character started out strong Rey palatine

  • Ranboo is an orphan techno

  • Techno blade: aww the sensei always dies ohhh nooo My brain: TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES. NOT EVEN CLOSE. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

  • "I want super powers, what is this?" *Also becomes human in origin smp*

  • Bruh! Forget Infinity gauntlets when u can have the Infinity CAKE!! ☆○☆

  • techno be like oh no oh no ohh noooo

  • That ending lololol

  • 0:35 Literally every stock youtuber ever

    • Eh, that 600k is like nothing to my 1 million subscribers

  • ayo that cross at 4:23 looks kinda familiar after quackity's stream 😀

  • Lol suck it main character is the funniest thing ever

  • Sorry bedrock oor portal frames

  • Can he break things hes not supposed to like bedrock portal frames

  • Techno asking for powers when he already has the power of an army 💀


  • Techno is like Batman he doesn’t have a superpower but is very rich.

  • hey techno did dream take the spawners away

  • this video is the terrible plot of naruto

  • master roshi didn’t die

  • techno you've been watching too much anime

  • You could get like 20 pig spawners and make a super op exp. farm

  • He got 1 million subscribers in about 2 months.... ARE YOU KIDDING

  • Is it just me or did he jump over a stone wall with effects on at 11.32

  • O no

  • i dont know why but i keep watching this over and over again

  • I love the last clip