Siblings Look Through Each other's Phones

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  • ok but the guy w the butterfly hoodie is so cute wtf

  • Stop fucking lying! You’re the guy from Creed. Don’t fucking lie!

  • That don’t count! They aren’t blood siblings!

  • 1:23 what?? Isn’t this a siblings bit? Stupid

  • oh hell no

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  • Legit thought that guy’s name was Linen, like sheets. But he really needs to learn how to text

  • Apple after this video: 💡

  • I wouldn't touch my brother's phone with a thirty foot pole.

  • 5:35 good impression

  • i wonder how cody feels when ever he turns around to pretend hes talking to someone and theres no one there

  • Wait!!!!! Fck!! Their parents are gonna see this too. Holy fckn!!!! Shit!!! Wtf!!?!?!?

  • The people that they get for this thing, they don't seem like normal human beings

  • No shade to Lennon but those texts don’t paint a great picture of his marriage

  • creampi

  • 162848th like

  • why tf is that girl wearing a dog collar?!?

  • I’m sensing that one person with the spiked collar probably uses they/them pronouns.

  • i got a fucking ben shapiro ad on this and then a liquid death ad. don't know how to feel

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  • I'm sorry I can't watch this video anymore... Creampi hahaha

  • idk why but 6:13 gives me schmitt from new girl vibes😂😂😂

  • My sister is so open there is nothing that could surprise me, don’t know if that’s actually good or bad but I never actually think about it to be fair

  • this f*cking host.

  • off to make a banana cream pie.

  • The greenday references are too much

  • “You woke me up when September ended” lmao

  • Those 2 dudes look like the twins from 22 jumpstreet

  • 7:50 woah that's so embarrassing, anyone know her @?

  • I Was Here One Time

  • 2:10 I didnt know lil uzi vert had a brother

  • Okay but the little sister who had a pray reminder has an immaculate style

  • "Great roommate situation" cody i regret to inform you but i think they're girlfriends

  • I did notice you were ✨glowing✨

  • TBH, in the brother sister duo, the sister was weirder lmao reminder to pray??


  • 4:37 put me in physical pain.

  • God i couldnt do this, some things are better left unknown to some people

  • I’ve binge watched like 30 videos now, and swear I laugh out loud a few times each vid, fucking love it

  • I just fully snorted out snot

  • the way cody keeps misgendering the person with the glasses and blonde hair is hurting me :/ how hard is it to pay attention to pronouns

    • @Frédéric Chopin cis people need to practice being better at paying attention though. As a trans person I’m used to paying attention to how people are addressed. I get it’s an easy mistake for Cody to make, but I wish that cis people, including him, would practice being more aware of how someone is being addressed, despite how they may present physically

    • @Frédéric Chopin are you cis?

    • bird tutorial Pronouns aren’t a significant portion of speech. It’s psychologically not something normal to pay attention to. If the person wasn’t female presenting and made an effort to show their pronouns, then I’d understand, but you can’t knock Cody for not noticing an irrelevant portion of speech in a video not even centered on them.

    • What has happened to society....

    • @Frédéric Chopin mind reader..? Man their sibling used only they/them pronouns for them. Cody needed to pay better attention. It’s not hard

  • She is tooo pure

  • How do they even record this? Like how? Are they not embarrassed

  • This is cringey 😂😂😂😬

  • can you please go on cut and do a cut video 😂

  • Okay but those green day metaphors are fantastic, thank you

  • After this video him and Kelsey made a cream pie not long after😩

  • The adopted brother is down bad

  • Greenday 3:52

  • Commenting on Cody Ko videos #3

  • I’d like to see a video of Cody going through the producers phone

  • them trying to make it sexual when I would just look up my own name to see how much they talk shit about me with my parents 🥴

    • OH MY GOD I’d most definitely get very embarrassed

  • 00:00 how

  • 🥛🥧

  • Today I learned there is a search bar in my messenger app.

  • all these people have some style damn

  • I’m sorry I had to dislike but it was 689 so I disliked it and know it’s at 690

  • Cody’s so close to finding out 95% of the population are npcs

  • The sinister producer (Blaine) participates in some cut videos with his sister and parents and duuuude you should look into that

  • pls stop saying cr***pie 😍😍😍

  • 12:55 I thought you gonna say something different

  • nice recovery at 12:54 cody, smooth

  • Why does Cody look like Arthur Morgan

  • at this point the cut should sponsor cody’s videos

  • i not trying to be mean but plz get a hair cut

  • Cody there is literally a song called when I come around by green day there was so much potential

  • I would kinda love to do this, it would be fun to fill my phone with dumb shit the night before and then watch my sister react

  • 'creampi and the pray reminder' sounds like a superhero duo

  • the married guys’ conversation cant be real who tf talks like that

    • millennials

    • Bro Ik so many dudes that talk like this & don’t see a problem w it. The social ques are just not there 🥲

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  • The guys's style looks like jake peralta in season 7

  • CREAM3.14

    • 1:08 it does scar you forever

  • Babe I love cream3.14ing in

  • you gotta watch the ones where it is the producer and his family then it all makes sense

  • you gotta watch the ones where it is the producer and his family then it all makes sense

  • 'creampi and the pray reminder' sounds like a superhero duo

  • i’m too high to be watching this 😭😭😭

  • its all hentai? always has been

  • @Cody Ko - you missed a point in the conversation, the person with the blond hair and black beret uses they/them!

  • day 01 of waiting for cody to change his profile pic

    • Cody, I love you but I gotta say... this one was a bit too much for me to handle with all the "cream pi"

  • i feel so bad that cody missed the pronouns of the blond person not being she/her 😭😭😭😭

  • *Makes a point to tell everyone his sister is 12 years younger then him "My parents adopted me then had my sister right after"

    • They could have adopted him when he was 12

  • As a huge green day fan this is so funny omg HDJFHRH


    • i will now be legally changing my name to anything else after watching this

  • 7:51 CULTURED

  • 1:08 it does scar you forever

  • Wow so funny

  • @Creampi’s wife: LEAVE HIM SIS YOU CAN DO BETTER

  • Cody if you readying this comment, in the next video say, hey hunter get off minecraft damm

  • the blonde girl is so cute :00

  • The fact that Cody named him Creampi is sending me rn man

  • creampi 😍

  • literally would only watch cut videos with your reactions ... or else there's no point

  • Cody, I love you but I gotta say... this one was a bit too much for me to handle with all the "cream pi"

  • So your saying those aren’t the guys from 22 jump street

  • Green day is fucking great chill cody

  • lmaooo omg 4:09 underrated joke 😭😭😭

  • 1:28

  • i will now be legally changing my name to anything else after watching this