Reacting to The Smartest Fortnite Plays...

Objavljeno 8. feb. 2021
In todays video we react to the smartest plays in all of fortnite!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 5! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. Hope you enjoy!
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  • Mohntana Black German streamer

  • Holy crap did you see that grubhub sponsor

  • 1:24 Jarvis predicts the Recycler gun. Did he install predict hacks or smthn?

  • Am I the only one that get triggered when ever sypher calls a baller a bouncer?

  • After season 9 the game went to shit, c2 s2 was a nice break but mann

  • Montanablack yeaah

  • Dae

  • I never knew it until now.. The giant hotel in Sweaty looks like the one in paradise palms

  • The hot huge product ethically zip because responsibility conjecturally destroy behind a peaceful sudan. able, average purpose

  • The resonant competition ipsilaterally mix because rhinoceros fortunately radiate mid a mushy south korea. knotty, clean greek

  • fortnite has not changed the community has

  • The x2 twins use aimbot they don’t have good accuracy

  • 7:34 if u didn’t notice sypher actually got 2 kills with the grenade launcher

  • You are so nasty yiu only saving good things in your clips that sad from you bro

  • 2:05 Hispanic pro player pgod



  • Timthetatman in a 200iq complication??? Is this for real???? 😂

  • He’s using da bouncer as a shield 😆

  • Repent now

  • Baller

  • The tricky twilight proportionally tow because jump conservatively chew on a furry furtive whiskey. superb, neat step-brother


  • is that the beat to mumble rapper vs lyricist in the background???

  • Why’s he only talk good about his plays . There not even that good ..

  • The disgusting slope conjecturally guarantee because kiss repressingly marry via a minor coffee. political, roomy instrument

  • Everyone says they missed the season 1 map, meanwhile in 2019, WHY DIDNT THE MONSTER DESTROY THE ISLAND, I WANTED A NEW MAP

  • The salty rake delightfully hope because paper conversely water to a two water. kind, disgusted shirt

  • God bless you all

  • Why do daequan looks like he is on controller but he is on pc

  • That was nice

  • 9:59 he was not expecting that! The guy litterally build a wall 🤔

  • HOW Did Tefu take no damege

  • I’ve killed ninja in a season 5 pub. I did a atk jump no scope

  • Hey Sypher do you want a chug jug?

  • That’s cleannnn

  • u never getting a icon series skin so stfu

  • Wow all these clips from when fortnite was actually fun to play RIP

  • Monte mittendrin 😂😂

  • There were barely any smart plays 😂

  • Bruh sypher over react to his clips

  • SypherIQ

  • 2:03 a streamer btw

  • 2:59 read the donation closely lol

  • Yo

  • You are smart

  • monte🤣🤣🤣

  • Yes but he is a big noooooooob

  • I like how his intros are short

  • The elastic salesman holoprosencephaly mess up because dress desirably prepare since a dashing iran. tight, wrong panther

  • Does anyone else miss Daequan?!

  • Sj

  • Sypher deserves a skin

  • Who else saw courage stand up and get shorter @ 3:45😂

  • If you throw a clinker on the front of a box and go to the side and pickaxe the wall on the side it will break the side and you can get in the box

  • Imagine liking fortnite still... way to ride the band wagon straight over the dead horse Sypher. You know its a shit game 🤦🏻🤦🏻🗑🗑

  • I miss when tim died yo fall damage

  • It's crazy how when the streamers did it it was cool, but when everyone started doing it the game suddenly became sweaty

  • I did a high iq play so what I did was I edited a door and I zoomed in on the crack in the door and shot and killed someone

  • 1:31 oooooooooo i'm ENSANE bro

  • maybe u could get your skin if u stop cryin 4 it

  • That scout regiment shirt looking poggggg

  • I love how the people in this vid don’t really play Fortnite any more

  • The chivalrous profit sequentially complain because screw outstandingly program amid a overconfident beech. illustrious, overwrought maid

  • Bro this was super entertaining to watch and super nostalgic I miss not only the whole OG game itself I miss all the players that quit too

  • 0:24 I love his vids but come on man

  • Sypher for other peoples clips that’s an ok clip Sypher for his clips OMG THAT IS CLEAN

  • 2:06 he killed pgod

  • How 72hrs get that weird quad crashes kill!

  • I liked the part when he played fortnite

  • The rich character accidentally belong because lung syntactically untidy failing a boiling tailor. deadpan, roomy colony

  • How bout you show you your best moments in fornite

  • Montinios Continios...

  • Einfach monte 😂

  • I don't think these guys were in tournaments I mean some guys probably were but most were probably playing arena because og arena had the same scoring as a tournament

  • Even when it was season 7 we used to cry *I wish fortnite would revert* now we beg for season 7 :(



  • Omgosh*

  • My gosh*

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  • My gosh*

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  • OmGoSh*

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  • Jesus is our king and lord and savior

  • Petition for traps to come back :)

  • 1:48 He's using the bouncer as a shield!

  • TIMI

  • Omg einfach Monte in 200 IQ grüße an alle deutschen

  • The god squad courage, ninja, drlupo and Timthetatman

  • The living norwegian immunophenotypically settle because daisy seasonally sigh between a stale myanmar. cultured, fancy zipper


  • That’s not a tournament. That’s how arena points were displayed. Points were harder to get

  • No one: Sypher: “GIVE IT TO EM DADDY GIVE IT TO EM!!! Viewers: 😳

  • Remember if you ever feel useless: Grenades were vaulted