Objavljeno 17. feb. 2021
Thank you Madison for hanging with us nerds!
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  • I think David thinks she’s attractive.. he can’t look at her like he looked at Liza

  • Oh yeah that’s her friend Bella!

  • 30:17

  • that game they were playing with the coin is so la

  • Pls stop using that dimming cuts because every time iam thinking that my mac going to sleep mode 😄excellent podcast

  • Literally a half hour of David realizing he’s in love with maddison

  • Natalie sitting there like: 😡

  • David being in love with Madison + Madison beer not giving back the same vibes “The Movie”

  • She loves him

  • David is just too cute 😭😭 and Madison


  • Surface level friend was a bit brutal.. David’s butt fumbling on the goal line

  • Oh yeah it’s Amy

  • Essay is not funny


  • It’s a good thing no one knows about Madison and David’s secret relationship 😂

  • since we cant say you know what, all i gotta say is: mwauh!

  • Ayo David u tryna buy me a Toyota 4Runner 🤪✨

  • Oh yeah that’s her friend Amy

  • That’s Amy her friend

  • H3 GANG

  • Ohhh yeah that’s her friend Amy

  • David is gay

  • When she said hi Kevin it made me think of that Spongebob scene 😂

  • So thats the Girl, David Dobrik refused

  • call fedex cause we shippin dadison

  • Fuck yea

  • why you always giggling bout some shit

  • Hiccup

  • Is it just me or if they make dragons riders if been in real life David has to play hicupp

  • David pin this comment now plz

  • He got 3 ads in 1 vid damn

  • Stop playing stupid Madison’s “ he won’t hang out” your clickbait clout dream

  • You both are boring

  • So does SLcd just create weirdos or were they always weirdos and SLcd emphasizes it??

  • I need that couch 😍😍😍 does anybody know where it is from?

  • hey david, remember when u s3xuaIIy assauIted someone in ur vlogs and laughed about it in a podcast?

  • Ohhh that game that you were talking about is called paranoia

    • "where you wisper someone to something" lmao

  • Not me writing an annoyed bibliography about Frankenstein right now as y'all are talking about an audio book for Frankenstein.

  • Wow 3 sponsorships

  • i just want someone to look at me the way madison looks at david at the end of this video

  • What about your relationship with S€th?

  • Good content. Honestly, I don't listen to this podcast so props to you for making me click on that and watch the whole thing.

  • Yeah but David is an ass pirate


  • date already

  • Why all the semen and poop talk.... could’ve done without that lol. But great video regardless!

  • Kiss

  • The bottom of her shoes on the white chair...I was thinking "OH, NO" lol

  • that’s a flex have that story for kevin parker to hit you up

  • 38:23 "I'm going through a lot of stuff" I felt that

  • take it they hooked up LOL

  • Dobrik is a Pr3ditor

  • "where you wisper someone to something" lmao

  • 💛

  • The imminent bugle spindly scratch because riddle conclusively reflect like a mountainous input. unwieldy, ambiguous stream

  • I wish there was more, and more uncut content like a true podcast.

  • nick

  • me waiting for david to propose 👁👄👁

  • Look at David’s essays

  • I can't trust anyone who let's their shoes touch the furniture, especially anything with plush material. I can't stop thinking about all the crap she's stepped in that's now imbedded in that chair.

  • Own up to your lies!

  • Is anyone going to talk about The Series of Unfortunate Events book series on the shelf behind him? 90's babies remember...

  • I think David and Madison would be a great couple.

  • Tell me why David looks like a Steven hawking trying to move his arm

  • Madison loves David. David loves Natalie.

  • The “Jason’s dying” bit made me laugh way too much 😂

  • some parts of this podcast felt like i was interrupting something between david and madison

  • Man I was actually upset for Jason and his lost kite. Then it changed into a plug.

  • i feel like David has 50 best best friends

  • answer Seth

  • Do Noah beck

  • lol not you blocking all the hate comments pathetic

    • I’ve seen them tho?

  • I will stand by this idea until the day that I die: Madison is way too mature and smart for David. She’s just too good for him.

    • @Error 57 not saying anything like that but they’d both be toxic even they said llf they way they would be in a relationship but she’s confirmed she’s in a relationship so I don’t think she worried about David and yes he does need to mature

    • It’s not because I like Madison more. I just know that the relationship would be so one-sided after the honeymoon phase. David is just so oblivious of everyone’s feelings but his own sometimes and I just can’t imagine him going so deep the way that Madison does. But then again I know nothing🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Heyy David u sicko, did u watch h3h3 today?? how a fan sent in a clip of u praying to God about how happy u were to get Jason to make out with someone 20 yrs younger than him? and this person had no idea it was Jason In disguise? that is was going to ruin his life for the next 2-3 in his community back home...but it's for the views, right?

    • I just tested out the theory that he's blocking comments and I wrote you should be kissing her David and so far I can't find my comment. Sus?!?

  • David: Surface level friends Also David: *flirting with maddison the whole show"

    • @Kait Shore

    • So everyone you flirt with you have to be deeply connected to them u must be 12

  • oh yeah thats her friend Amy

  • Does anyone know where the snow globe with the Christmas tree is from???

  • Who tf did that into, shit had so much potential with the song but y’all got lazy

  • Are we not gonna talk about the elephant in the room?

  • Something is about to bust! H❤️3

  • I think you should talk about what happened with Seth

  • 10:36 thank me later

  • 13:20 when David talks about her liking nerdy guys. So cute lol

  • "No I do madison look at me" Aweee

  • Bro he def smashed that night after the fma

  • At first I was like they would never look cute together but right when they started talking they have a cute relationship

  • Hahaha support the work there putting in I'll be back to you soon enjoy

  • "What a blue balling experience" by far a top Jason Nash quote

  • kiss

  • David would date Madison, but he knows it wouldn't last with her. Like he clearly wants to date to marry, where he knows if he dated Madison, he'd be too worried about always having to be perfect cause she's going to be called perfect for the rest of her life regardless of who she is with.

    • She confirmed her relationship with nick and also David has said that he doesn’t date just for the sake of it he has to have the intent of marrying that person

  • Madison is so attractive😍

  • Why does David have a ring on tho

    • It’s on his right hand

  • Kissing

  • How is david so cool that he can put maddison beers in the friend zone

  • f word f word all i remember

  • Oh thsts madisons friend ammy

  • "I can't hear shit I'm 50." -Jason Nash, 2021

  • Spider venom costs 39 million a gallon...