Hermitcraft VII - The Butler - Episode 27

Objavljeno 7. feb. 2021
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We are down in the mines raking in unreal diamond profits. All of a sudden Mumbo shows up and I am very confused.
Hermitcraft Season 7 is upon us. Starting in Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Update, we set out to new adventures in the seventh season of our epic Minecraft Multiplayer Saga!
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  • I love the silent communication between the two

  • Is it just me or does iskall's laugh sound like a Brewing stand making a potion?

  • Mumbo Jumbo is: Private Pigeon rated pg13

  • you need 31104 diamonds for a full double chest with diamond blocks

  • Harrrmit challengaarrrs

  • Congratulations on your first child!!!!!

  • 54(double chest)*64(diamond blocks)*18(diamonds) = 62,208 diamonds

  • Did the math: 1295 diamonds

  • I have NEVER laughed so much as I did when Mumbo came😂😂😂

  • Can anyone explain to me the whole "not mining diamonds directly" thing he has going on? I googled and can find nothing.

    • At the beginning of the season Doc vowed to become the richest Hermit without directly mining for diamonds and instead earn diamonds by selling things in the shopping district, because overwise the challenge of becoming the richest hermit wouldn't be very interesting to overcome - However after he took a break from the server he said that mining diamond ore with silk touch doesn't technically count as mining diamonds so he would still have a chance of becoming the richest hermit.

  • wo aus deutschland kommst du

  • love your voice

  • Docs laugh gets me every time 😂

  • He was being your butler as hermit challenge

  • Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin

  • dupe

  • Who here thinks he should make a netherite mining machine

  • random part in mumbo video was a full video for doc, that's great

  • 30:05 docm77, you have 1295 diamonds in your inventory. As for 30:44 it would be in total 31104 diamonds. So docm77 you still need 29809 diamonds to achieve that goal. Note: To be honest, I didn't use any calculator to count that amount of diamonds. The reason why I edited it is because I just counted the diamonds he had in his inventory, after that I decided to count the rest.

  • the mumbutler?

  • 10,511 diamonds at 30:10 i think that is how many.

  • You would need 31,104 diamonds to fill up a double chest..... yes I did the math 😂😂😂

  • help grian to actually finisch his builds

  • This is how the Hermitcraft economy breaks

  • There is a secret base in yours 👍🏻

  • 14:40 - for those who want to smile

  • Full double chest of Diamond Blocks 9x6x64x9 or 31,104 Diamonds

    • sorry I just got curious when I saw the hermitcraft Recap. I tend to be a streamer who focuses on the Math in videogames... I love an opportunity to do math... that or build in my realm

    • if it were able to be put in a nugget form instead... it would be 279,936

  • 1295 Diamonds total

  • Dude- I. I haven’t been keeping up with your videos or Mumbo’s or Iskall’s so I’m like... very confused

  • mumbo you'r so sus ! just hear what he is saying at 25:15 to 25:45 he is clearly the creator of HCBBS !

  • i would love u to be a butler for etho n i would to see etho be a butler for someone... him w his loop holes

  • If you keep this pace you might make the chest in about 4 months

  • I watched mumble video before this and I’m like no no you’ve gotten it all wrong

  • Iskall must be laughing his balls of right now 😂

  • Don't use this to grain as a butter

  • 1295 diamonds in inventory, 368 raw ores. That’s quite a bit.

    • Oh, and for your other question, one double chest full is 3,456 diamond blocks, or 31,104 diamonds.

  • Dad?

  • This episode was sooooo funny!!

  • This was great

  • corpse

  • You're eating moldy old chicken??

  • he had 31104 diamands

  • I wanted HCBBS to be Hermitcraft Best Butler Service

  • pfft doc is so confused but laughing so hard at it 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mumbo is a great butler

  • Thumbs up to support the Doctor!

  • Having watched this from Mumbo's perspective this is even more hilarious.

  • You calling him son was hilarious

  • @31:07 is that a diamond above u?

  • "Lets double pump together" -Doc 2021

  • This is so much fun froms Doc's perspective

  • I watched this from Mumbo’s perspective and I was like “yea this makes sense” now I watch it from doc’s and I’m like “mumbo’s mentally insane”

  • oh my god doc's voice is so satisfying like Keralis'. i want both of them to read me bedtime stories (no homo)

  • Butler mumbo back !!! Haha

  • 1,199 diamonds. 1,208 if you include the 9 you have Mumbo for his services.

  • It's so wholesome to see mumbo walking behind doc doing everything he nieed

  • This was so good. Great content!

  • There's a secret base in ur base

  • E

  • I think iskal would love someone to help him with the omega tree

  • 1295 diamonds

  • #Hermitchallenges

  • you had 1157 diamands!

  • 31:08 there was emerald ore on the ceiling behind you

  • 2519 diamonds

  • Boah du hast aber ne geile stimme

  • I'm evaporating.

  • Just a tip for efficient torching, you could have lines of cobblestone blocks trailing behind the machine, spaced so that torches placed on them give perfect illumination. Cobblestone generators attached to the boring machines should do the trick if you wanted to automate that process.

  • 11:52 oh no XD it was a hermit challenges he has to be your butler for a day XD AHAHAHAHHAA

  • Hey doc the reason hes there because it is a hermit challege and the challege he got was butler

  • pls the interaction between mumbo and doc is so cute 🥺 mumbo is adorable like a puppy

  • Hermit challenges is happening to Mumbo

  • Did anyone count his diamonds in his hotbar at the end? I got 1295 but i just did it in my head so idk

  • So you’d need 31,104 diamonds to fill up a double chest with diamond blocks

  • 1,295 Diamonds

  • I love your videos doc and congratulations for your merchandise they are really cool I wish I could buy a cap but I'm preety much broke there is any chance of getting one for me without paying 😂lol

  • 1295 diamonds from mumbo and the mine

  • A boblet?

  • docm77 diamond celebration: YIPYIPYIPYIPYIP

  • Iskall needs help branching his tree Scar needs help sorting his chests at his nether dig area Mumbo needs help keeping his base alive (probably not to much cause geian feeds it sometimes) Bdubs needs help making his crepeer farm way more efficient at scars aquatown Grian needs help at doing mansions back ETC, or yuo can ask the hermits when they are online hope this is good for you Docm

  • YIP YIP YIP YIP???????????????????

  • Heard of a water boy? Well we got a SAFETY TORCH BOI!!!

  • The math: 1199 Diamonds

  • 29:53 I believe there is around 1,199 diamonds in your inventory, give or take a few.

  • He sounds like badlands chugs when he finds siamonds

  • Grian would love butlering services with his castle

  • For what do you need the diamonds?

  • Iskall needs help with growing and placing wood on his mega tree and Ren needs help terraforming his base biome, those are a good place to start.

  • Iskall need help with tree

  • H.C.B.B.B.S. = Hermit craft beacoms a better server

  • All that he mined was 1199 diamonds

  • 1295 Diamonds

  • Ive got to be honest this was my first time watching you and i gotta say i cant wait to watch more of your videos “yupyupyupyup”

  • If you filled that up with diamond block you would be a Jeff Bezos in Minecraft

  • U have to butler grian

  • Cant wait to see when you find out about the base Grian built in your base 😂😂

  • 1 whole double chest of diamonds it 15552 diamonds........ Man that's crazyXD

  • Yip yip yip yip yip-Docm77 2021

  • Sad Mumbo Noises

  • You should be the butter of grian so u can help him in his barge it is a big task