Dana White REACTS to Ben Askren's KO loss to Jake Paul, Woodley calls out Paul, McGregor-Gaethje

Objavljeno 20. apr. 2021
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MARVIN VETTORI on Israel Adesanya rematch

MICHAEL BISPING on Ben Askren's KO loss to Jake Paul

DANA WHITE reacts to Ben Askren's KO loss to Jake Paul

TYRON WOODLEY sends a warning to Jake Paul

BEN ASKREN reflects on his loss to Jake Paul

CONOR MCGREGOR \u0026 JUSTIN GAETHJE go back and forth on Twitter

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  • No. Octagon.

  • Jake is probably the only fighter Woodley can beat at this point.

  • Lol you people are 100% stupid if you think Tyron is gonna beat Jake, I can’t explain how but I promise you, tyron is not the man for the job.

  • Ben askren was a retired UFC and that UFC fighter dude looks like a killer in the ring figuratively.

  • Boxing is dead. Jake Paul is a bitch. Free Stream all this trash.

  • This fight will NOT happen. J.P. wont even respont to T Wood.

  • Dana is giving Jake Respect hes not being a dick towards him

  • Tyron woodley no longer under ufc contract.

  • I think it's sad that the guy who flat lined Robbie Lawler is trying to fight a bitch ass YT'r.

  • Oh Yeaaaaaa, Woodley vs Paul

  • "a robot twerking" lol

  • Fucking love Ty Woodz

  • Please feed this guy to woodley

  • Would he take Woodley

  • all these frustrated Boxers AKA MMA fighters want money. Jake paul should keep building his career He is an amazing Boxer

  • Boxing's in a really bad place?? Then where's MMA?? Cause the UFC looks like the winless in the ring. Shit different when you make em stand up like a man and throw hands. Plus....McGregor made the most money he's ever thought about making whilst getting his ass handed to him in the boxing ring. Make dat make sense Dana White

  • Tyrone vs Paul

  • fake paul dident knock anyone out the ref stopped the fight fake paul still fake.

  • Ben looked like a bag of milk.

  • Navarete sure looked good tonight stoppage 12 round boxing isn't in the he roach had fights in parking lot boxing is alive

  • OVER!!!!!!

  • Maybe one day he'll actually fight a boxer in a Boxing match 😂

  • What I don't like about Ben is him saying he doesn't care while representing to ppl who don't know...a legit mma fighter with hands. He literally chased ankles his whole career. Anyone see the footage of Mike Perry smashing Jake in sparring. Man all of this is clown activity

  • Should be after usman, woodley comes with the most talk

  • Jake fought Gib (who sucks), Nate (tries to put on pressure but sucks) and then Ben (who also sucks at boxing). I think it’s good to build his confidence though and actually get good enough to compete with more experienced people later on.

  • Apparently Woodley can do whatever he wants now

  • Hell yes I would love to see that fight

  • Paul wouldn't accept Woodley as his next opponent because he knows Tyron can strike.

  • I can almost surely tell you that Jake Paul will NOT fight Tyron. Jake always chooses his opponents to his benefit. I’d love to see Tyron put him to sleep though!

  • hahaha King McGregor!

  • The Paul kid thinks he retired Ben Askren 🤣

  • Dana is right about Paul.

  • Woodley/Paul might actually be interesting.

  • I think jake would win. He’s just skilled at this point.

  • I bet you now everyone is a Tyron Woodley fan after the hate even if it is for a possible 1 night

  • Dana is salty and also 2mils short, he just can't say it for obvious reasons.

  • Woodley wants a check too tbh I can see it he’s trying to make his way in for a check I don’t blame him

  • Let's get it I got Woodley

  • I notice Jake has been picking weak fights acting like he just beat somebody.

  • come on Tyrone you're a UFC champ, you're above this calling out a youtuber for a fight bullshit, we all know you'd kill him, there's no need to even tweet that stuff, he'll never fight you, at best he'd fight dillion danis haha, seriously, he's not fighting someone that can strike or actually has a decent level of training

  • Tyron is a bitch. Ever since his two fights against wonder boy, he has been a cry baby. He genuinely gets upset when the fans aren’t on his side. Great fighter, shit attitude.

  • justin will fuck conor up

  • Why woodley wanna fight Paul but not the coach that had him pressed?

  • Would love to see JP get KO !! Can someone please tell me why he keeps wanting to fight everybody EXCEPT a BOXER! WTF

  • Adesanya vs jake paul

  • Jake Paul is too pussy to fight Woodley, cause that’s what Woodley is known for

  • "Jake Paul has not responded to Woodley" Gee, I wonder why lol Watch him challenge a WWE wrestler into a boxing match next. Anyone who can't actually box works for Jake.

  • I want so see JP in the Cage 😤

  • I would love to see tyrone woodley shut jake Paul’s big mouth 🙏🏻 that would be awesome 👏

  • Just trend this word on Twitter "jake fears woodley" so we see how jake reacts to it.

  • Nobody: Tyron woodley: grab me that SLcdr

  • Somebody better represent mma and beat that boxer jake Paul or Logan Paul

  • Y'all are just hating for no reason now, everyone said Ben will win, and now y'all are saying oh he was retired he was weak, where was that energy before the fight ? Nearly all of you are KSI'S fanboys trying to hate for no reason, I don't like him that much but even i can admit when i was wrong🤣✋

  • Dana, Boxing is in a bad place but not because of Jake Paul vs Askren or MMA, Boxing been going downhill since the 90s. Jake is a SLcdr, Ben was a Champion and UFC top fighter. They chose to box. UFC/MMA is the one looking bad as it tries hyping itself as the creme de le creme of the Fight world only to have some SLcdr come along and and put a big ? mark over that. Stop the Boxing vs MMA circus and start paying your top fighters better so they don't have to fight SLcdrs. Mcgreggor is the richest MMA fighter who made nearly all his money from 1 "BOXING match".

  • Askren loss has validated Boxing being the most elite combat sport. What a chump!!!

  • Tyrone smelt that $ and wants some

  • He won’t fight tyron, he is only boxing wrestlers 🤣

  • Dana White lame af. Went back on his bet actn like it was illegal to do after the fact. PAY SNOOP & TYSON HiS FUQQiN MONEY

  • Ben arksen is not a boxer style, he is a wrestler style,..

  • No Click Bait...? FINALLY!

  • Dana white: Jake needs to fight a boxer! Jake Paul: Cocaine isn’t cheap!

  • Woodley would murder that fake ass, youtuber ref was paid everyone knows that

  • Logan will stop you Tyrone woodley....

  • Is true though what Dana white said boxing is getting beat by ufc so box will hype a SLcdr who wants to be boxer the old days when box was on top I bet all my saving jack Paul won’t even make out of that ring no old the legends are retired

  • Someone needs to put an end to this fake wanna be boxer

  • If this fight did happen and Jake wins u all would still yell rigged your hate for Jake amuses me.

  • 1:46 look at Ben Askren fatty body,looks like my neighbour Dave who drinks 10cans of beers on breakfast,proper out of shape easy target

  • Jake paul, Snoop Dogg, both of them are clown, Talk bullshit like they own the crown. TWood can't get to fight with jake in boxing match, Cause He on UFC roster and contract. This MMA Talk channel not really into fight, He talk about "Jake" entertainment and that the fact.

  • I hope to god Tyrone doesn’t step into a boxing ring. Just in case. I don’t like mma guys going into boxing 🙏🏽

  • If Dana actually made a bet, Snoop would’ve shown receipts right away. And Ben Askren didn’t get a PPV percentage, he only got his $500,000 purse. He tried to get a percentage but was turned down.

  • I think to many ppl are under estimating Jake Paul.. but yes i would love to see them box!

  • I would not say that Jake slept been, but caught him off balance... Way too early stoppage even though Ben would have been strucked afterwerds... But yeah he def took Jake too lightly 😏

  • Lets be real here, there’s a 0% chance Twood can take that right hand. Can we please give Jake someone that can actually fight and stop embarrassing the ufc.

  • Bum Askren gets destroyed in the octagon, destroyed in a fake ring with a fake boxer, just go away bro.

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if Jake smokes him. He got cooked his last 4 fights. Usman broke him. He hasn't been the same since then.

  • I lost respect for Dana for bitching out of that bet. They made it on video lmfao. Guarantee he would have asked Snoop for the money, had Askren won

  • T woodly vs Jake Paul NEEDS TO HAPPEN

  • T woods vs Jake Paul ?? Nah T woods vs that bitch on Jakes corner ?? Yes! In cage tho !

  • Finally. I’ll respect Paul when he actually fights a real fighter with striking

  • dana and paul should fight

  • Someone needs to shut this clown's toko for good 💯 not a Woodley fan here but Woodley will mos def phuck him up beyond recognition in a real fight or in the Octagon so in a boxing match he mos def gotsta k.o this Bozo!!! 💯

  • I’d like to see them fight in the ifc ring shut Jake Paul up once and for all he will run back to boxing after he gets tweeted up then knocked out.

  • Dana white on snoops bet- “that’s fucking illegal.”

  • Why aren’t top boxers calling Jake paulsy out? Fight Andy Ruiz, deontay wilder, Anthony Joshua or Tyson fury? Even tommy fury would fuck this clown up. I know some Amateur boxers here in Buffalo that would put Jake down inside 2 rounds. Enough with the circus.

  • MMA Talk please stop giving Jake Paul all this attention. You’re feeding into his plan and giving him free press. He’s not worth it.

  • Or jake vs Bisping that would be something 😂😂.. so let's get jake a fight with Conor mcgregor or Diaz or the legendary Bisping lol. Those are my top ufc fighters ;) and if jake beats either of em then jake can call himself a real boxer... But either of the dudes I mentioned would legitimately beat jake paul pretty fast..

  • Askren is a joker he can't box. Look at his body his like a punching bag 😜

  • I wanna see Conor mcgregor vs jake paul 😂😂😂 that would be interesting honestly. Conor would give jake a run for his money.. I really like Conor mcgregor because he legitimately came from nothing he was on food stamps lived with his parents with his ol lady. And he worked hard he truly did he struggled for a long time and alot of ppl don't know that. He made himself he is a true fighter 110%. It's why I respect him as a man and as a fighter. He gives it his all and he is having fun with it. He does what he loves ya know. And I believe he would beat jake. Jake is also doing good and I respect him now as a fighter ect. I thought askren would win I really did lol. But now I know jake is a real force to be reckoned with.. but he has to fight a real striker this next time. Either a legitimate boxer or a striker with fast and lethal hands such as Conor mcgregor and Diaz ect... Then we will know how good jake really is.. but I really think mcgregor would rip jakes head clean off.. that's just me lol

  • Host at UFC afterparty: Marvin, I'd like to introduce you to CTE. Marvin Vettori: ... CTE: We've already met.

  • Fuck all this boxing shit! I wanna see jake hop in the cage against one of UFC's lowest ranking fighters, who ever! Lets see how jake does then

  • People seem to forget Ben was already retired prior to the fight smh

    • Jake said "who should I retire next?" When he's actually fighting retired mma fighters

  • Jake Paul wont pick him up

  • Why everyone want MMA fighters to enter a boxing ring? That's some bitch shit...not one will come over into the octagon.


  • FUC TAPGREGOR !!!!!!!!

  • I think this is the end of the ufc

  • Boxing has been in a bad place ever since Dana took over the UFC???...HMMM

  • Jake Paul will not fight Tyron

  • Woodley would absolutely melt Jake Paul. Jake knows he dont want that