among us NEW WIZARD ROLE (mods)

Objavljeno 4. mar. 2021
today in among us we have a new wizard role using mods
mod from sub and fetch! sub to them

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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


  • 3k away!

    • CONGRATS ! YOUR REALY CLOSE !!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    • :)

    • Nice

    • Why is there no Among Us Death Note Mod? That would be MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD interesting. Imagine the imposter writing somebody's name down and they die 40 seconds later. I hope you consider it! 😁

    • NADWE*

  • i hope blaza got his 2 dollars and lived happily not being a broke man- hahahahaha

  • Socksfor1. Wait is it nadwe me. Yes it is nadwe


  • Video : wizard SLcdr : socks Oh holy God it's dobby dobby got a sock he is now free

  • Why do they fight about Who is the wizard i mean mayor

  • Well well well meme fie

  • But I have scan and I am not able on that email 📧

  • juice = berd I know

  • i think meme said a bad word tho uhhhh :/

  • Anyone notice how at the start they hop backwards into the chair?

  • 8:35 Kool Kid Klub

  • Mod idea goku he can teleport,fly out of the map and shoot energy balls, he can have super speed for ten seconds and can go invis

  • Can I join in the stock S&P

  • I love how Nadwe turned invisible so that his kid is only visible and said “ *it’s the leader of the 14 year gang* “

  • You’re a wizard,Socksfor1.

  • 7:21 bruh that part got me 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Nice

  • ur a wizerd socks

  • I love it when blaza acts so innocent

  • Make madara mod this will be cool

  • Da baby


  • I love you socks

  • oh whose face reveal is next Nadwe? Laff? Woolfster?

  • Socks when he becomes the imposter! I am the mayor!!!

  • shot out mufinjugicn3eewefjowefjo clash of clandwnew epic gamer amoongus 🤯🤯😲😲

  • 4:44 it says socks is mayor but he is the wizard?

  • What video that Belongs to socks for one isn’t perfect

  • E

  • I'm the leader of the 14yld gang no I am drops kicks a kid

  • I forgot the name of the music that plays while they sleep.Can somebody tell me the name??

  • anyone else realized how he sat down in stead of standing up (during the intro

  • Remember when meme always said YoUr AdOpTeD

  • Wow

  • Omg

  • dont vote socks

  • heh

  • vote nadwe

  • No one: Socks all the time when he is impostor : i was in Navi-casion

  • you should do this again but the wizard is on the imposter's side with attack spells.

  • I want to join muffins clan

  • why does your back inflate when you sleep?


  • After memegod's face reveal:- A quarter of Joocie's face.

    • @Gaming Clown np ☺️

    • @PREETI JAIN ok lemme see that thanks👍

    • @Gaming ClownI think he once used a face cam in a twitch stream And also I think he has put few pics of himself on his Insta and Twitter

    • @PREETI JAIN where?

    • He already did a face reveal

  • They should add the town of salem executioner

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  • How do you download mods from Mungus on Steam

  • yo know what, at 4:34 i was drinking water and socks made me spit it out from his laughing

  • hes using all the mods from loafx

  • When socks was the wizard for the first time it said he was the major:/

  • when socks doesent get detective on the first round me: GASP

  • 0:01 I love MeMe's laugh lol

  • Are You An Inkling Or An Octoling? What Gender Do You Use? What Skin Tone Do You Like? What Eye Color Do You Like? What Hair Style Do You Like? What Legwear Do You Use? Is Your Options Good? If It Is... Good.

  • Mix every single mod into 1 imposter

  • susfor1

  • COOL

  • The gamemodes are jester doctor detective major wizard god and titan

  • the sleep and the love mon kinda sound like the mod that inquisitor master did but ok kuz its funny XD

  • 8:38 14 year old gang 🤣🤣🤣

  • "I get my clan shouted out" - muffin Literally the cutest moment of innocence

  • blaze looks funny

  • 1 mil followers for a quarter of SocksFor1 (yes, THE SocksFor1} to do a face reveal

    • He do’s face cam in some of his vids

  • Nadway: Weader of da 14 old gang here Socks: IM THE LEADER OF THE 14 YEAR OLD GANG nadway: *AY AY AY*

  • Anyone notice how the Mayor start screen SAYS MAJOR?

  • Um we all know laff is essential in every socks squad video so where is he did he get cast invisible for this vid

  • You should do a supreme being imposter, with ALL of the different powers, but vs ALL of your mods so far.

  • Seems like I'm the only one who's replaying Tbh's Scream

  • is there a way to get this modded version?

  • 6:35 IM DIRTY DAN

  • Did anyone else notice that socks jumped back IN the starter chair at the start of the video?

  • I really like mr blaza bear helmet in amoug us

  • Socks: (referring to muffinjuice) I'm not the Muffin Man Muffin Man: (my friend) No **** sherlock

  • Magic

  • Meme looks like blaze

  • where tf do you get the mod

  • Among us tip the imp always votes first

  • 8:45 this is the moment when nadwe was mini crewmate

  • 7:20 🤣🤣 Couldn't stop laughing

  • Lol

  • 4:45 socks was the wizard says mayor

  • da nu nu nu nu nu white man in an orange suit that looks like an astronaut and is the best yutuber man!

  • Hi SLcd

  • Give it a lightsaber than you got a Jedi with the force

  • Do superhero roll

  • Socksfor1 is cool

  • Is nadwe actually 14

  • wait

  • Socks:meme has what barely half 50k Me:😭I'm barely half way 20 subs😭

  • Hey sock a kid is sleeping don't wake him up

  • I laugh so hard in this part: tbhhonest: Its bed time socks: Its not bed time tbhhonest: it is night time socks: its not night time me: XD (Laughs so hard)

  • 11:50 XDDD


  • Hi ummmm... I have a video idea. So what if the imposter could control pets

  • Socks for one what if you played Among Us but you had all of your Among Us mods

  • The beginning made me laugh

  • Nobody: Socks: "more importantly"

  • does nobody notice that nadwe is 14 and has a kid

  • wheres the rest?

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