200IQ vs 10IQ Minecraft Plays #5

Objavljeno 7. feb. 2021
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This is the fifth video of the 200IQ vs 10IQ Minecraft Plays series! In this series, we show off some insane 200 iq plays, alot of them are bedwars related. After that we show off a 10 IQ play, and it's really funny to see the contrast between the two plays. We obviously have Dream featured in the video because he is the best minecraft player. Watch the entire video!!!
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
(In order of appearance)
z1ghter www.twitch.tv/z1ghter
pdewdath www.twitch.tv/pdewdath
CmanWizard slcd.info/plus/5nJMBuqWD5FJq0WGhjJXmg.html
forsen www.twitch.tv/forsen
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
FalzarGaming www.twitch.tv/falzargaming
Blushi www.twitch.tv/blushi
pakratt0013 www.twitch.tv/pakratt0013
Consol www.twitch.tv/consol
MehThaPotato www.twitch.tv/mehthapotato
Dylqnnnn www.twitch.tv/dylqnnnn
Ludipher www.twitch.tv/ludipher
Bowshot www.twitch.tv/bowshot
Parrins www.twitch.tv/parrins
Foolish__Gamers www.twitch.tv/foolish__gamers
thejocraft_live www.twitch.tv/thejocraft_live
EWROON www.twitch.tv/ewroon
Lynixity www.twitch.tv/lynixity
Fathom14 slcd.info/plus/uOUzR6Qx2rIIwync5xqDhQ.html
Quickknivess www.twitch.tv/quickknivess
Tfue www.twitch.tv/tfue
dawenik www.twitch.tv/dawenik
Ravs_ www.twitch.tv/ravs_
JulieMisty www.twitch.tv/juliemisty
pozzog www.twitch.tv/pozzog
illumina1337 www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
moogeyy www.twitch.tv/moogeyy
SmallAnt www.twitch.tv/smallant
PeteZahHutt www.twitch.tv/petezahhutt
Bigpuffer www.twitch.tv/bigpuffer
KhannR6 www.twitch.tv/khannr6
gabbo1416 www.twitch.tv/gabbo1416
Simply www.twitch.tv/simply
Couriway www.twitch.tv/couriway
kidbrunost www.twitch.tv/kidbrunost
SamFouR www.twitch.tv/samfour
Omgisthatopik slcd.info/plus/ZeE8ZXlBRvUtetQL8ax0Uw.html
Quiff www.twitch.tv/quiff
TheG18 www.twitch.tv/theg18
Etalyx www.twitch.tv/etalyx
Terahdra www.twitch.tv/terahdra
Dream slcd.info
Wichtiger www.twitch.tv/wichtiger
Gotaga www.twitch.tv/gotaga
Nexe_ www.twitch.tv/nexe_
bigbearisawesome www.twitch.tv/bigbearisawesome
Jugosti www.twitch.tv/jugosti
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